Romping at House of Mutt

Big or small, this what we get up to when we are not walking through the woods, leaping around in leaf-pits or running along the beach – we romp around in the backyard.

That little pug is very brave playing with the big German Shepherd … I stayed away from

As afraid of German Shepherds as I am, he doesn’t bother me any more – at least not here. I do prefer to stay with my furry friends – Scarlet the mini maltese, Kajsa, the brown and white Springer Spaniel and Pina, the black and white spotty Cocker

May’s comment: So happy to see her amongst all these different size dogs and playing.  Normally she would be barking her head off at the German Shepherd.  Here though she was annoyed at the beginning, she has settled down. This cold not have been better for her to learn to respect the other dogs regardless of what she thinks of them.

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