The little Village with a big name

As our weaved along the hillside streets, we saw in the distance the little village perched on a rock. We’ve arrived in St. Paul de Vence.

We checked into Le Saint Paul Hotel for our first night.

They generously upgraded us to a junior suite because they preferred that I was not in a carpeted room – we didn’t tell them that I am not old enough to be incontinent, and neither is Mum.

I like this bed – quite different from the previous night when I slept in a crate.

Check out the view! Nice!

We had a little rest before we headed out to wander through the village. The streets are usually full of tourists. But by day’s end, we had the village almost all to ourselves.

We walked along the narrow cobbled street of Rue Grande

Meant no cars – so I could wander freely off leash.

Checking out interesting smells.

And looking into the alley ways as stairs that led to other nooks and corners of this little place.

And the must-have photo by the main fountain in the village.

Ooooooh! A black cat – that stood very, very still. Mum held onto my lead to preventing me away from jumping up.

There are lots of cats ….

Apparently I didn’t see this one – but there they sat in their cat-like ways – quietly watching the world – and especially us dogs!

Then I spotted one and before Mum could tell me no – I ran after it! But alas too slow.

I tawt I taw a cat!

But there are also lots of dogs in the town.

And I am fitting into the landscape!

The rue Grande is not very long but during the day, it is packed with tourists and hard to get around – that’s why we waited till the tourist have left before we ventured out for a walk. Our hotel for the first night is almost in the middle of the village. We walked to one end and then to the other …

And we went to the ramparts just outside the village town – to watch the sunset.

These walls are from the 15th century.

We then met up with our friends from Dusseldorf for dinner at an outdoor restaurant – Le Tilleul.

Sylvia, Emily, Markus …
And then there was Edgar! – Mum’s godson came to join the celebrations.

But by day’s end, I was tired. The night before I slept in the easyPet van – and I’ve been on the road the whole day.

We walked back through the quiet street to the hotel. Mum loves this fountain – many memories here.

I can see why Mum loves St. Paul de Vence – it is magical when the tourists have left and we can weave through the medieval village.

You can feel the history. Anyway, it’s been a long day and we’ll get rested for the weekend – and we’ll tell you more about our adventures in St. Paul de Vence.

See ya tomorrow!

May’s comment:

We have arrived in St. Paul de Vence. I’ve been wanting to return to this very special town – to share it with Darcy. And it’s special to be able to share it with her.

More tomorrow when we arrive at La Colombe d’Or.


  1. St. Paul de Vence is a really beautiful place. I’ve been there twice but next time I will bring my cockerpoo girls.

  2. Cheryl

    What a beautiful little village! I’m so glad Darcy arrived safe and sound, I was worried, but worry is my middle name! Have fun and safe travels! Happy early birthday!

  3. Sara Cormack

    Beautiful photographs May. What a wonderful trip and the blessing of such fabulous weather. Little George is getting lots of love here!

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