Caught shopping!

It’s that time of year again – Christmas shopping has begun.

And on the shopping route is our favourite London dog (and cat) accessories store img_9026We’re at Mungo & Maud!

We’ve been here so many times I know exactly where the treats are –img_9027I think the treats are placed way too high on the shelves!  The hoomans in here are very clever.

We already have quite a collection of their toys
img_9030Look at these Puffacake toys – we don’t have those!

There’s always something new to discoverimg_9031 Oh look! These knitted white sheep dog are new! img_9032And what are all these things?  Are they for cats?img_9034 Ahhh yes, George, this is the cat’s corner.img_9037 But this is the reason why we’re at Mungo & Maud – we are getting new collars for Christmasimg_9040Mummy used to buy handbags every year (or season) – now she buys us new collars instead!  Either she realised she only has two hands or maybe it’s because her hands always have leads in them instead! Even George is laughing!  How many necks do we have?img_9036And because this is a pet accessory store, there are always treats for us as I go asking for some.

We bought a present for a new puppy, Ted – and asked for it to be gift wrapped.
img_9087 But as I was checking up on the wrapping, someone was filming me!img_9089 But I was not in the least bothered by the camera –img_9090I was really focused on what was on the counterimg_9091 There are treats!img_9050 After filming me on the counter, the camera men turned their attention to another person who was talking about the Mungo & Maud dog treats! img_9068I was listening very intently to what she had to say and watching even more intently in case some fell from her hands.

The people filming us while shopping at Mungo & Maud are from Deutschland!  Oh, I told them, both George and I have just come back from there. We love Germany!

May’s comment: We have started Christmas shopping – and this is our favourite shop. img_9058Love their range of toysimg_9083And always so many interesting things to look at in the shop.img_9081I am always searching for new leads and collars – something different. Over the years I must have bought Darcy at least one new collar and lead each year – partly due to the fact that she used to chew her leads. Instead of buying another leash, it was a good excuse to buy something different each time.

We started with webbing in preppy colours (pink and brown, purple and lavender), then muted colours (grey with pink piping and brown with green piping). Then there were African beaded ones – it was too bold and looked very heavy on her.  We moved onto calf leather – purple was at first her colour and then it became red. We got rolled leather to avoid matting – in red. Then we found ones that can be personalised with number and/or name on the collars. Red, of course.  But as she grew and became more beautiful than cute, and had become quite the sophisticated and aloof lady, preppy and red wasn’t sitting quite right.  At Mungo and Maud we found the Amalfi Dog Collar in blush and tan. I never had considered tan before but it blended so beautifully with her coat and the hand stitched calf leather in blush made it feminine.  img_9296They were out of the Amalfi Dog Lead so got the Bauhaus Dog Lead instead.  It still goes but hopefully the matching leash will come before Christmas.

And for George, his colour was always blue – navy webbing, then personalised royal blue webbing and then a royal blue leather and a navy leather.  At Mungo & Maud, we found the ultra fine-cotton canvas Baseball Dog Collar in dark grey with dandelion coloured suede trim. It looked so handsome on George. img_9297Well, they’re sorted for Christmas.

As for the camera crew – we’ll tell you more about that later!

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  1. Judy Vogel

    So special!
    What adventures you take your pets (and your readers too) to explore!
    I love following you around!
    I love the portrait of George and Darcy, thank you.

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