Crumpet, how did you get on a plate?

We were at Anthropologie when we saw a range of dog plates!img_8855Hey! These are drawings from Sally Muir. She had done us in her 15 minute sketch sessions.
img_9202 The Dalmatian even has a matching tea towel.

Jack Russell, pugs, not sure what the black dog is …img_9203Westie
img_9204 And this one looks a bit like George if the white bits are greyimg_9205And then there’s Crumpet! img_9201Don’t you think so, Alex?img_8167-1-580x773May’s comment: In 2014, Sally Muir tackled a year-long project of painting a different dog every day.  We saw the result of her works at Anthropologie’s Kings Road store.  Some of the works have been turned into A-Dog-A Day dessert plates – seven dogs for the week.

Sally had done 15 minute sketches of Darcy img_9299and George.img_9298

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  1. Jill Keiser

    I really liked the dessert plates — especially the Dalmatian ones! I have a Dalmatian named Caprice!

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