Rusty reporting on March Hyde Park Meet

So on this early grey morning (we lost an hour sleep as the hour change came in), we thought we would go early to Hyde Park as we were in charge of the Doodle Meet.We had a big walk first as mummy thought it might make me less grumpy. Anyway at first I was waiting and thought maybe no one was coming.

Then Johnny came along. It was just us two for a bit then others started coming.

So we had:Me Rusty head boy for the day, Johnny – black cockerpoo, Toffee, Archie I, Archie II (brother to Archie I), Freddie (brown and white schnoodle), Teddy (Cavapoo), Lucca, Clementine (black and grey), Daphne who looks like a cocker spaniel, and sister to Alfie, their daddy Baxter (cockerspaniel) and of course, our Winston (poochon) and Theo (cavachon)We did the group photo. But quite a few came by afterwards including: Ziggy and Kiko, Oggy and Uka, InkaThe puppies played a lot and were very cute, they were newbies to the group.

Daddy Jim thought (while sitting down)maybe next time we could do a small walk perhaps the pathway from the gallery to the parakeets and back something very simple, one path.
(Oh, Jim, nothing is simple with these crazy pooches!!!)

We had quite a good turnout – 19 in total!

May’s comment: Thank you Rusty for reporting in on our third Hyde Park Meet. Miss you all – and can’t wait to be back for the next meet on the 29th April.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Looked like quite a lot of Darcy Look-a-likes at that doodle meet!

  2. Cecilia

    Darcy Look-a-likes and all do cute!

  3. Davina Lawrence

    And a great time was had by all lol johnnyxxx

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