Hello Agnes! Goodbye Mummy?!?!

AGNES!!! It’s been day of surprises. Ā First there was Victoria …

And then our long-lost friend Agnes!Darcy, you don’t look a day older!

What a nice thing to say, Agnes? šŸ™‚George was super delighted – couldn’t believeĀ his lucky day!And George, you’re still the same attention seeking little guy! LOL!”

Are we going for walkies like old times?As we walked along,and saw that Mummy was holding onto Charlie and walking ahead of us – away from us .

Then I realised she’s leaving us!And it felt like hell on earth!!!!I barked, Georgie yelped, I cried, Georgie screamed!And then we walked past Mummy with Charlie and Agnes kept going and I kept looking back …

Mummy stood with Charlie as we vanished form sight.

Charlie shouted after us – “Don’t worry Darcy and George, I’m here!

May’s comment: Darcy and George loves Agnes and Pavel – and I know they will have the best walks in Morden Hall Park and they will have the best cuddles. But how differently they react when they are picked up by The House of Mutt and anyone else. Ā As Agnes said, Darcy is my dog and as independent as she seems to be most times, she will scream murder when she knows I am leaving her. Ā George barks because Darcy’s barking. But he soon settles into the routine for the moment. Ā Darcy will keep looking back till I am out of sight and still strain to find me. But she’s with Agnes and they board with Agnes and Pavel whom they love even more! And then it is all ok.Agnes and Pavel used to walk them until they started to specialise in dogs north of Kensington Park Gardens! They take great photos – so I am looking forward to seeing them!

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