Sad Bobby :(

We met little Bobby yesterday. Her Mummy’s gone away for holidays and she’s been left with one of our neighbours. She’s been crying – really crying, tears and all!  So we went to comfort her.  Mummy gave her a hug.

IMG_1954I tried to play with her but she wasn’t interested – she’s really depressed.IMG_1957

So I got bored hanging around, and went instead to in search of treats while Bobby looked on.IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1963Does she look like a mini-me?IMG_1966And when we left, she’s still standing there moping. Well, I guess we’ll drop by each day to try and cheer her up. Today is only Day 2 – 8 more days to go.IMG_1955May’s comment: Bobby is a rescue Shih-Tzu – possibly cross. She’s very attached to her owner and has not been very much socialised. So when her owner goes away, she gets into a massive depression.

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  1. ah so sad give her a hug from us x

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