Funny Names!

Billy No Mates, Verm-X – what funny names!  And they came in the post today from a place called My Itchy Dog!

Mummy’s been giving me Billy No Mates as a natural alternative to Frontline. It’s a natural repellant for Flea, Tick and Mite Repellent for dogs and cats. We just sprinkle these herb like stuff on my food – I guess it’s like adding spices to human food.IMG_1850

And Verm-X is for internal parasite control – especially since I eat raw food, it helps to eradicate all worms.  I have the Verm-X Herbal Crunchies treats every day with my food. IMG_1852It expels all internal parasites including: Hookworm, Roundworm,Whipworm, Tapeworm, Heartworm, Lungworm – that’s a lot of worms!

So with both Billy No Mates and Verm-X – I am repelling both externally and internally all those nasty things that gets us! Bon Appetit!IMG_1973

May’s comment: During the muggy months of summer, esp when Darcy’s off to the country side, I do use Frontline as a booster.  And we continue to have her checked for worms throughout the year. Both bought from My Itchy Dog

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  1. Julia Bates

    Same as Harry but we have liquid Billy No Mates. He loves the Verm-X as thinks they’re a treat!

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