Two more sleeps …

It’s Advent time and looks like Salzburg is deep into the festivities.

Christmas Market at Dom & Residenzplatz – one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe

And there were lots of doggies!

Look at this cutie – looked a little like George!!!

The market is just steps away from our hotel, so we went again when it became darker and the lights came on.

Besides Christmas Markets, there’s something else we will be doing over the next couple of days …

There’s a Sound of Music Tour that Mum had been on the last time she was here – more than thirty years ago (LOL!) but she didn’t think they would allow us on it. Instead we went to nearby Mirabell Palace and Gardens where they filmed the DO-RE-MI scene.

And from the Palace Gardens you can see the Cathedral and the fortress!

We were told that the gardens is quite different in the summer.

Over the next few days, we might go and find more Sound of Music sites!

We walked back to the hotel via the Makartsteg bridge one of the bridges over the Salzach River.

It is named after Hans Makart, the 19th century Historicist painter from Salzburg

Look at all those locks!!!!

Mum, maybe we can add to this. Can we use your luggage lock?

And on our mid-winter morning, we went for our morning walk.

Christmas is two sleeps away and from today, already the day will become a little longer. So much hope in Christmas.

May’s comment: After a lovely experience of meeting someone so pleasant to my dogs, the contrast of the taxi drivers at the train station in Salzburg made my blood boil. They were rude and unreasonable and so was I – LOL! Then along came a young local chap who waved us to him and he took us with no fuss. This is exactly the same experience I have in Paris. And to be honest, it is never easy travelling in taxis with dogs outside of London. We usually order transport ahead of arrival so we don’t have to encounter these unpleasantries.

While still feeling a bit miffed, the taxi drove into the Dom and Residenzplatz – and right before our eyes is one of the main Christmas Market! Oh wow! That quickly changed my mood.  The hotel where we’re spending Christmas is down the alleyway of Goldgasse – no cars could go down there. So with two excited dogs pulling – not knowing where they’re going, and me rolling the bag amidst lots of Christmas tourists in the narrow alleyway, thankfully it was a short walk till we found Hotel Goldgasse – a contemporary hotel built into the building’s 700 year old history.

And then we met lovely Ulrike at the reception!  I had called her earlier for help about the taxi situation, so she knew the mood I was in. When we arrived she suggested that we go immediately to our room to settle and relax – and leave the check in till when we are ready. So thoughtful.

All their rooms are themed around the Salzburg Festival. We’re in the Festspiele room 

Their Michelin-star restaurant Gasthof Goldgasse downstairs is dog friendly!!!!

Breakfast is also served in the restaurant.

After the first night, decided its easiest to dine there every night – except on Christmas Eve, as there are so many things on the menu to try and since it gets dark so early, it would be easier just to eat there and go upstairs to bed!

Deep fried boneless chicken in a copper pot

More on our feasting in Salzburg later …


  1. Annie Rhodes

    So sorry some people are not dog friendly! Just remember they missed out! Not you. Merry Christmas May and Miss Darcy and Georgie!

  2. Anne McCormack

    Have a wonderful Christmas, May, Darcy and George and good health and happiness for 2020 x

  3. Norma

    Dear may I’m so sorry that horrible man spoilt the beginning of your holiday. He must be very unhappy or genetically rude. But for everyone of those there are 4 kind ones. Salzburg looks interesting. Always wanted to try a Christmas market. Take care my dear and just hug beautiful George and madam darcy. Marley sends love .

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