George almost went to Budapest via Salzburg

Goodbye Vaduz, we’re on our way to Christmas in Salzburg!

We were warned that that train would be crowded and indeed it was. We scurried past lots of passengers and lots of luggage till we got to our seat – about alas – someone was sitting in it. Mum had to inform the lady that she needed to move which she did so reluctantly.

As we settled into the little corner of the train (we had the window seat) that was rightfully reserved for us, we got into place. I was on the floor and George on Mum’s lap.

And then George without any hesitation started to engage with the gentleman sitting next to us. Thankfully he likes animals and he was quite pleased that George wanted his attention.

First it was a nuzzle … stroke me, stroke me, George insisted.

Then he climbed over.

And even fell asleep in his arms.

We soon learnt that his name is Istvan and he was travelling all the way to Budapest for Christmas. We couldn’t believe our ears. Hungary? Of all the passengers on the train, we sat next to a Hungarian! Immediately the connection was made.

But George wasn’t satisfied, he had to say hello to everyone else around us – the guy across the aisle, the people in front, the lady at the back and he would have walked all the way down the aisle if not for Istvan holding onto his lead.

Of course we told Istvan about our blog.

George gave him lots of kisses

and thanked Istvan for giving him so much attention during our journey.

And what did I do once George found his new friend?

I jumped onto Mum’s lap and curled up like that the rest of the journey.

May’s comment:  We were finally making our way to Salzburg – destination Christmas!  

We arrived at Sargans train station and were warned that the train has been overbooked 

Sure enough the train was full even in the First Class compartment. Luggage was overflowing into the aisle as we made our way to our seat 65. And there sat a lady. As I told her it was our reserved seat, she queried me and asked to see my seat reservation. Seriously! Why would I walk past all the other passengers to her if it wasn’t our seat? She did reluctantly vacate the seat.  The gentleman sitting in the aisle kindly got up and very patiently waited while I ushered in both doggies – who was wondering where they were going to sit as it was just one seat and one leg room.  I had to untangle myself from backpack and cross body handbag and then rid of my winter coat before I could finally sit down and George anxiously jumped onto my lap, as Darcy circled in the roomy leg room area (that’s why we travel first) and curled up in a ball by my feet. 

The gentleman next to me waited patiently while I fluffed around and then sat down. Before long George started to engage him. And the rest was history. It took less than a minute before he climbed over to Istvan’s lap. And he even fell asleep in his arms. 

Istvan loves animals. He had cats but he loves dogs too. So what a coincidence that he’s from Budapest. And from there the conversation never stopped. We told him about Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue.  We talked about how George came into our lives. We talked about how he can manage with a dog while working – maybe he could ask if he could bring his dog to work, get a dog walker, etc.  All the time somewhat grateful I have just one calm dog on my lap and not flirty George.

When we said goodbye, we secretly hope that he will one day soon give a very lucky dog a forever home.

Istvan – if you are reading this, stay in touch and we look forward to hearing from you. And we’ll let you know when we’re on our way to Budapest.

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    Little Georgie has such a beautiful soul. Enjoy your trip May, Darcy and George 🐾❤️🎅🏻🎅🏻

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