Sammy came to say “hello!”

It’s George again. Jaffa and I were keeping Mummy company yesterday when Sammy and his mummy, Nicole came to visit.IMG_4758I spy with my little eye …someone’s getting a hugIMG_4767Looks like Sammy’s mummy is ripe for some lovin’
IMG_4752Bonjour, Nicole!  C’est moi – George!IMG_4768Bisous?
IMG_4772 Ha! Ha! Sammy’s all confused.IMG_4781Baffled, he asked Mummy, “Who’s that little black dog giving my mummy kisses?”IMG_4785Heh! Heh! Heh! IMG_4787C’est moi!

Sammy didn’t think it was funny. He had enough so he decided he wants to go home – so he can be the only dog.IMG_4815 OK then Sammy – see ya later! We’ll walk you to the door. LOL!IMG_4816May’s comment: So many doggy visitors – the best medicine really!!!IMG_4797Just grateful for the many friends especially neighbours who know I will feel that much better with a four-legged friend to hug.

And for the friends who have stopped by to say hello!

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  1. Michele

    Great post George! That was adorable, I love your face! Great pics

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