Walking with Titus

No one trusts me any more these days!  Even little Titus has me on a lead! BOO! 

All I want to do is go through that fence and straight into the bushes.  Why is that such an issue, humans?!?!?!IMG_4837That was us walking – Jaffa and I, with Titus – the smallest of her humans at Battersea.

But when we got to open fields, Jaffa’s mummy said I could be off lead – so Jaffa and I started chasing each other.  And along came a cockapoo!

Hello! What’s your name? Hi Maisie! IMG_4835That is Jaffa and they call me the Hungarian Refugee!  Oh, your mummy reads our blog? Yay! So – you know what I LOVE to do – squirrelling! Maybe I can show you the best places to find them.  But we’ll keep that for another day because Camilla and your mummy are watching us and they will soon put a stop to this.

Would you like to run with us?IMG_4836It was a nice run this morning. We were nicely tired out when we went to Mummy’s. So tired that we all took a nap together. IMG_4745That’s Jaffa, not Maisie!IMG_4833May’s comment: Hello Tracey and Maisie! Maybe we’ll all see you in a few weeks. Darcy should be back with Olivia at Battersea soon.


  1. connie hester

    We fur parents forget that in “dog language” smell is the first vocabulary they use, so on your return from hospital and surgery you will have a slightly different smell to them. I know this from experience, lol. Once they decide the “new” smell is still Mummy it’s back to normal.

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