Saturday morning coffee and cake

It was an unexpectedly quieter Saturday.  We had planned activities but now that Little Tyke has left, we found ourselves back to doing things just the three of us.

So back on the hunt for more dog-friendly places.

We wandered a little aimlessly today, when Mummy remembered being told about Finns – a deli, catering and pressie shop on Elystan Street near Markham Square.

So in our aimless wander, we wandered in that direction – wasn’t sure yet if we were allowed in.IMG_0228Thankfully, it was dog-friendly! So Mummy went it for a morning coffee and cake – to make herself feel a little better as she had planned on taking all of us – me, George and Little Tyke to Biscuiteers to do some biscuit icing.IMG_0211She says she “rewards” all dog-friendly places with her custom – think that’s more like a reward for herself and an excuse for having another piece of cake.

It is a sweet little place with all sorts of interesting things to look at – and buy.IMG_0226 See what I mean? Other doggies came and went.IMG_0217And next door to it, an equally dog-friendly pharmacy! IMG_0232

May’s comment: We have often walked around Markham Square/Elystan Street but never stopped in at Finns – till after I met Jilly, the owner recently at a cocktail event. A sweet little neighbourhood place – it’s a deli as well as gift shop. So it’s good place to stop and have a coffee and a good browse.IMG_0231Finns of Chelsea is at 4 Elystan Street, London SW3 3NS

And tonight will go see “Inside Out” – another thing on the list of to do with Sasha. 🙁

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