The Stoic, the Heroic and the Lunatic!

It’s our July Hyde Park Meet!  And we were at the park!!! – even though it was chucking down with rain.IMG_0298 We were early so we happily chased each other around in the green where we usually gather.IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0308 After awhile, we stopped and wondered where everyone was.IMG_0303IMG_0336We went off further to see if we can spot someone else coming.

We sat and waited in the rain …IMG_0324And clever George took some shelterIMG_0325 No one’s coming, Mummy!IMG_0314 George says – “Look! A dog!!!”IMG_0337We didn’t mind it was not one of us, but a brown LabIMG_0328I watched from afar while Georgie played with himIMG_0330But he too left us.IMG_0329Does no one want to come out and play in the rain?IMG_0333Then from around the corner came Mac and Maisy!!!!!  Hooray!IMG_0344Hey, you two brave souls! And you drove all the way from Essex – you are definitely the heroics!IMG_0348They playedIMG_0351And played – like it did not matter that it was chucking down rainIMG_0350Then from the other corner came Lucca!IMG_0349Luca never fails to turn up – come hail or high water!  They are the stoics!

We all played in the rain IMG_0381while George found something interesting to roll on …IMG_0356 And continued to rollIMG_0357 Then Maisie thought whatever it was – seems good too, so she rolledIMG_0359 Maisie’s mummy checked out what was so interesting – but the human eyes could not see what we could smellIMG_0361And while we ran and chased, the lovely humans stood under umbrellas to talk about other things.IMG_0369 They told us how fabulous we were for being such good sports – but no, no, no!IMG_0372 We told them – “You humans are so amazing for coming out with us.”IMG_0378Think there was mutual respect all around.IMG_0383But after an hour in the rain, I think even the die-hards found it a bit cold.IMG_0370 Maisie was taking shelterIMG_0390But we still had to do a group photo!
IMG_0386Left to right – Lucca, me, George, Mac and Maisy.

There were just five of us – the smallest gathering since we started this meet two and a half years ago when we had four cockatoos on our first Hyde Park Meet. Well, actually we did have just four cockapoos! LOL! Plus a Heinz 57 – poo-poo aka George!

When we got into the car, we were two pathetic looking wet bundles IMG_0395Mummy put us both in each of our Doggy BagsIMG_0396Little George was so cold, he was literally shaking. Mummy even wrapped a blanket around his Doggy Bag and blasted the heating – and he was still shivering.

Call us what you may – we had to do what we had to do!  🙂  It was our once a month Hyde Park Meet!

May’s comment:  And finally – the lunatic!
IMG_0312I actually like walking in the rain but need to find the 100% waterproof coat. You would think a waxed Barbour would be but alas not. Checking out Jack Wolkfskin for days like today.

Till next month – let’s hope August will be a better meet.


  1. margaret danks

    Good on you for braving the winter day !

  2. Karen White

    Would love to bring our Bramble – she’s a miniature labradoodle. When is the August meet?

    • Miss Darcy

      Karen it will either be the 23 or 30 August. We will post it the week leading up to the meet.

  3. Kickie Tervalampi

    If I had known…. I would have loved to meet the sweet Cockerpoos at Hyde Park as I’m here on holiday and have my lovely Cockerpoo Ester at home.

  4. Cecilia

    We can use some rain in California!

  5. katie garner

    What date will the August meet be please?


    Katie and Betsy

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