Saturday night date with Marley

We haven’t seen Marley in a few months so we were happy that Afdera called to invite us for dinner on Saturday night.You see, Marley is very special to us. Mummy was with Afdera when she went to Battersea Dogs and Cats home to bring Marley home.We think he’s a white version of George! George didn’t seem to appreciate that comment.

It was a rainy night The streets were wet but there were lots of people out and about.  We went to the Polish restaurant close by to where Marley lives.We’ve been here before – And Mummy had borscht and a yummy duck dish!Marley was curious as to what’s on the tableAnd we even got to meet Heston – who was also dining with his mummy who reads our blog! So lovely to have met you both!!! 

May’s comment: Just when I thought I really didn’t fancy going out for dinner on a rainy Saturday night with wet dogs … I ended up having a fascinating evening with Afdera – whom I met a few years ago because of my dogs. She had just lost her dog and was thinking of getting another. Our mutual friend, Manuela Salgo introduced us – though she didn’t understand that George was not for her taking! Today she has a little rescue too – Marley. Last night, over a bit of vodka and some vino bianco, Afdera told me stories of her early life which I didn’t know before.

People have so many stories to tell and sometimes it helps to forget our own concerns (about being in the rain, wishing I was watching telly at home) and listen – because it opens up our world.  It also made me wonder who I’ll be telling stories to one day when I am her age.

Daquise is the legendary oldest Polish restaurant serving traditional Polish cuisine since 1947. A very young European crowd. If we thought Brexit was happening, it wasn’t happening at Daquise. 20 Thurloe St, London SW7 2LT (behind South Kensington tube station – on the pedestrian area)

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  1. Cecilia

    Molly has opened my eyes to a whole new world, and I have made a lot of special friends because of her! Even with her passing, we still keep in touch! Always a lot to talk about because of our common grounds and the memories of all those wonderful morning walks and hikes together with our dogs!

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