Saturday Shopping & other things …

It’s Saturday and we have a full day of activities.

First stop – the very dog-friendly Liberty’s of London. Never have we ever felt more comfortable, welcomed and we love it.

Mummy had an appointment at Blink Brow Spa and I went along. What would you like to have done? Eye lash extensions? No, they’re way too long as it is. Eye brow tint? That would look funny! Mani/pedi? Ah no, thank you. I just want to sit and look at myself for a bit, please.Before we left, we had to, just had to take the lift up to the 4th floor to the Christmas Shop!!!! Yes, it has arrived!!!!Stockings with doggies – ah, but no cockapoos!We quickly left Liberty’s as we had things to do. First, to find the remaining three rhinos.  Thankfully they were all in East London. We whizzed around and we found them all! This was the very last of the rhinos – that’s it! All 21!It was time to meet Belinda and Freddie for our immersion theatre experience at Pedley Street Station!We’re going to The Murdér Express!This is why we couldn’t bring George along – and we’ll explain later in our post.

At the end of the play, our day wasn’t quite finished yet. Next stop – Smithfield 150 We really wanted to go to the Sausage Dog Parade! When we got there it was over!

But it was time to go home and spend time with George who had two lovely walks with Joanna.

May’s comment: Lovely Saturday. Will write more about our immersive theatre experience in next blog post.

There are Blink Brow Spas in various venues in London. I chose this only because we like Liberty’s but I could have taken the dogs with me to the Blink Brow Spas at Peter Jones, Selfridges and Top Shop on Oxford Street.

We couldn’t bring George with us today but he spent the day with Joanna. It was heartbreaking to hear him cry when I walked off – he was really upset. But as soon as they got to the park, he was one happy pup.

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