Solving a Murder Mystery

Freddie and I were excited to be able to go with our hoomans on “The Murdér Express” by Funicular Productions.

We arrived at Pedley Street Station – early!We checked in at the Ticket Inspection deskAnd were given our tickets.And we weren’t sure why this man was holding our leash at Left Luggage.Phew! That was just for a photo. C’mon Freddie, let’s see what happens at Platform 7.

Oh wow! We’ve been transported back to the days of steam trains. On the waiting platform were lots of fun props for photo ops.Look at the swish train.

We’re ready to board! But alas not. I made sure we had our ticketsAnd Freddie stood guard.And soon enough, the Conductor rang the bell to get our attention …

And then it was time to board the train!We had our own booth in the dining carriage. Sitting across from me was Freddie and Belinda. Soon the train leaves Pedley Street station for Murdér, a fictitious town in France.

When the actors started playing their roles, there was a lot of noise and shouting.  We were curious as to what was going on.They even asked us who we thought committed the crime.Everyone of them was trying to convince us it wasn’t them.And then Belinda told them it was ME!!!Who needs enemies when we have friends like that! Thanks, Freddie for giving away my secret! LOL!

There was of course a “dog” in the cast. Fluffy was only a puppet dog – and neither Freddie nor I were particularly impressed.I think Fluffy needs a better groomer!It all came to an end too soon.

May’s comment: We had heard so much from our friends Marcel, Le Corgi and The LonDog about the immersive theatre and dining show.  After Marcel led the way, Funicular Productions decided to trial a doggy event a few weeks ago – on the day we went to the cinema. (There are so many doggy events in London that we actually run the danger of being double booked! LOL!)

As the title, The Murdér Express suggest, its a murder on a train – which unravels as we dined on board the simulated train. It sounded like so much fun, so I contacted Funicular Productions to ask if they would be doing another doggy event when they suggested that they still have seats available for this Saturday’s matinée shows – and that they would be able to accommodate the humans and pooches if we wanted to participate – of course, only well-behaved dogs. They must have had good experiences with the dogs who attended the previous show.

I decided George wouldn’t make the grade! LOL!  It was also after reading the experiences by The Londog that the loud noises and the shouting would frighten him – and he would bark. As we were given the benefit of the doubt to attend a regular show, I didn’t want to jeopardise our welcome.

We had our own booth, so it didn’t bother anyone else. Lunch was served as the plot evolved. The menu was designed by Billy and Jack, the MasterChef 2016 finalists.

Darcy and Freddie were absolutely brilliant. When we were taking photos of them before the show started, and Darcy was wearing her trench coat – after all this is a detective mystery, some of the guests thought we were part of the show!!!

The production of The Murdér Express will be coming to an end soon and they will be starting a new show for the Autumn – Journey to the Underworld, and then Snowman for the Winter.  I think we might be going back!

Ticket prices are from £53 per person (which includes the food, but not drinks) and yes, the dogs went free – and they even had treats and bowls of water!

Thank you Funicular Express for giving us a wonderful experience!

Video courtesy of Belinda and @freddieposingcockapoo


  1. Kathy

    You all live the most interesting lives! Darcy and friends have been so many more places that I have ever been. I love reading about the experiences.

  2. Belinda Scher

    It was a wonderful afternoon ! So enjoyable and really pet friendly !!!

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