Scary Seven Sisters

Mummy took us to Seaford yesterday and we saw some pretty spectacular views!P1030116It was pretty scary though – see how far it drops.  And we also did not go anywhere near the edge. Mummy said it might just fall off – the edge that is.
P1030108She also kept us on our leads – thank goodness because who knows what Georgie might have done. Scary thought.P1030107_2We paused to think about life …P1030118 And looked at it from different angles –P1030095It was a bit windy and even with the sun, a bit chilly for Mummy, so we went on our merry way P1030123I was allowed off lead once we left the cliff but George was held onto firmly! P1030126Ate some grass along the wayP1030125We thought to go down to the beach as well but along the way we saw some feathered creaturesP1030091 As more gathered …P1030086 We thought better of it P1030089And turned to go back to Florence House.P1030130Will tell you more about Florence House tomorrow! Mummy said it was a special place for her.

May’s comment: A trip to Seaford and so happy to be able to bring the dogs to walk along the downs and to peer over the cliffs.  Last walked here five years ago – pre-Darcy days. Now to be able to share it with them but not exactly a place where I want charging Georgie to run freely! Scary thought.

Beautiful day for a walk, to think, to view.


  1. Laura cordovan

    Gorgeous May. A welcome sight for these tired eyes tonight! Reminded me to exhale. And breathe deeply….

  2. Oakley

    Hi Darcy – you take a lovely photograph!!! – I live near Cuckmere Haven and mum often walks me from Cuckmere to Eastbourne via the seven sisters ( but always on a lead – those rabbits are all over the place and my brain stops working when rabbits are around) We then usually take the bus back from Eastbourne to Cuckmere: – If you are still in the area – There is a lovely cafe in Eastbourne – Meads End – bottom of the downs – as walking into Eastbourne – The lady there loves dogs
    it is where we all meet – and she always gives us dogs a treat!!!! The Cafe provide good food/ snacks and coffee for the humans and always so friendly – You have come to a lovely part of Sussex Darcy – I hope you get to swim in the sea!!! Try Normans Bay very quiet there

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh, we were there for just a day but I think we will be going back again – and now we know how to spend a day there. Next time we will go to The Cafe and swim in the sea. x

  3. Marzi

    If you come back to Seaford do let me know Kiki, Dot and Inzi would love a walk with Miss Darcy and Georgie.
    Thank you for putting on the importance of keeping dogs on the lead when walking along the cliff path. My friend’s terrier is the only dog in 23 years to go over the cliff and survive –…/terrier-survives-55m-cliff-top-plunge-into-s...
    Earlier this year a little black spaniel cross was on Dogs Lost after going missing while being walked on Seaford Head Golf course – her body was found more than a week later washed up on the beach 🙁

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