Us doodley-doos are meeting at Hyde Park Meet this Sunday- are you coming?

That’s Me, Fonzie the Cavapoo, George the Yorkie-poo-poo (because we’re not sure if he is a full-fledged Yorkie poo) and Rocko the cockapoo – and one of our original members of the Meet!

We hope you will come play with us?

Mays’ comment: On Sunday, 28th June is our Hyde Park Meet for June. We meet every last Sunday of the month at 10.30am.

As always, we will gather to romp and play behind the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. Come in time for our photo opp at 11:00am!

And yes, there’s parking in front of the Serpentine Gallery.11025670_10153423139403669_3855442701821569976_o

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  1. Judith Vogel

    I wish I could join you!
    Bennie. (Residing in New York City)

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