Stopping for lunch at Bibendum

Busy day for Mummy and we tagged along.

We stopped for lunch at Bidendum – Mummy said she has favourite memories of this place. She said she will tell us tonight when we’re snuggling in bed. Can’t wait to hear.

Besides that it’s a lovely place. There’s enclosed seating outside but there’s also seating in the covered area – just outside of the Conran Shop were we were earlier.IMG_7926 Mummy showed us the lovely old windows of the Michelin Building …IMG_7925 We looked at her quizzically … what about them?IMG_7918 It’s what’s on the table that we’re interested in.IMG_7929May’s comment: Another dog friendly place!  Bibendum Oyster Bar located at the Michelin Building at Brompton Cross in South Kensington.

“The setting is informal, with tiles and pictures depicting great races of the past, and the mood is relaxed, luxurious but not pretentious.”  The staff – welcoming!IMG_7935

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    OMG how do you stand the cuteness of these dogs???

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