Selfridges Revisted

We knew there were three Paddington Bears at Selfridges. When George went in search of them, he missed one, so it was up to me to find the third bear.

And as it’s the last shopping weekend before Christmas – Selfridges came in pretty handy.

Dogs are allowed in the department store but we must be carried. Mummy didn’t bring my bag so she had me in her arms.

Yup! We got a lot of attention. I suppose it’s not everyday you see a shopper at Selfridges carrying a furry “teddy”.  And while I was fussed over by other shoppers, Mummy had to smile and made small talk while carrying weighty me. 🙂  I suppose George was easier to manage.

Before we went inside, we saw the Kate Moss Gold bear in the window.
IMG_0748The second one was upstairs in the toy department. Mummy definitely did not feel like carrying me all the way to the fourth floor! Instead we took the escalator to the basement and there we found the third bear just outside the Everyman Cinema.  They were of course showing Paddington Bear The Movie.

IMG_0740The bear we found is High on Toast  – which is part of The Selfridges Collection.  It doesn’t count as another bear on the trail – it’s one of three. Bummer!IMG_0747After we left Selfridges and walked along Oxford Street, Mummy showed me another bear that she and George have already seen. But George was more interested in the pigeons and ran off when he was suppose to be posing for his photo. So I had to do it again.  This is Bear Humbug by Ant & Dec.
IMG_0752So after all that effort today, we have not increased the number of bears found.

Back to our shopping. That’s enough bears for today.

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