Send the carriage!

Me and the kids, we’re riding through Brugge as one does – on a horse-drawn carriage!

We took a short walk from the hotel to the market square and had to do the obligatory Belfry Tower pose.We all went on the carriage rideWe stopped to take some photos – Lots of picturesque canals.After the carriage ride, we left the others to do the boat tourWe walked back to check out the smallest bridge, also known as the most romantic bridge –And look! There they are again!

Since we’ve been here a few times before, it was more interesting to do some other stuff – like finding interior design stores –We found The Interior Club, one place where dogs are not really allowed – understandable. Badly behaved dogs had marked on their carpet before. We could be carried, they said – and so Mummy did but after a while, they saw that I was not one who would disturb the decor in any way.So many beautiful things to look at. And won over Pascale.Later in the day we met up for Belgian waffles – Of course it wasn’t for me!

As the day was fast drawing to a close, we gathered in the salon before heading out to dinner – the complete entourage
To a quiet little restaurant, Couvert, as recommended my new friend, Pascale.
The light was still lovely outside when we left the restaurant and the hoomans not only needed to walk off dinner but also our one last walk.We walked back to the canal with the smallest bridge – A bridge that is more our size.And then the last walk back to our hotelThe last time we entered the lobbyAnd the last group photo under the blossoms.We did it!

May’s comment: Bruges is so much more dog-friendly than Amsterdam. I suppose the larger the city, the less accommodating they tend to be. As always we always enjoy being here but we purposefully left the others to the touristy stuff except for the horse carriage ride.Instead we found a lovely interior design store to muse ourselves.  The Interiors Club on Djiver 14 is run by mother and son (Pascale and Arnaud) and started to stock up for the next project. Much more interesting to check out the “local scene”.

Again in the evening we had dinner at Restaurant Couvert at Eekhustraat 17 – again not a tourist destination – off on a side street. A husband and wife team, lovely food and cosy atmosphere. The “entourage” was maybe just a little too noisy but I think we also amused the other diners. The kids were amazing and complimented the chef.

Time to go home – George is missing us.


  1. Margaret Danks

    I have only spent a few hours in Brugge but would love to ho back. We tried to cram in as mich touristy things as we could

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I must put it on my travel to-do list!

  3. Julie Entwistle

    The architecture is lovely and of course so is Miss Darcy (and the Tykes)

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