The journey home is never long

The last morning walk – albeit underneath the Belfry Tower – we are in Brugge after all. 

One last breakfast and the long trek home began.

From Brugge, we took three trains before we reached Calais – Brugge to Kortrijk, Kortrijk to Lille Flanders, Lille’s Flanders to Calais. Are we getting off now?

Yay! No more trains! A Folkestone Taxi picked us up – and we headed straight to Calais Port – and did the Pet Passport check. Beep went the microchip scanner! Now we are all set and ready to go home but not before a little relief before we journeyed on. Hello! Hello! The flag of our nation flies!It still exists! Phew!

From here, the kiddies were watching in amazement as the car drove into the next train! So after all that, we were back in the fourth train of the day although we were in the car.

After 35 minutes of being underwater, we emerged the other end of the Eurotunnel – home awaits!

The journey home is always a little sad – it means the adventures are coming to an end. Ah, but not so quickly – we still need to get from Folkestone to London. Train number 5!

May’s comment: Everyone’s a little tired from a week of travelling. The trip home is a little shorter getting to our destination this way –  it was meant to be an experience for the kids to enjoy.

Playing tour guide can be a little tiring at times, especially since I’ve been to both these cities quite a times before. But I realised that when you do show people who have never been – you see the sights again – with fresher eyes and a little more intensely as you need to point things out to them.

The kids got on well but also happy to love them and leave them. Aunty May is in a good position. 🙂  Makes me so much more appreciative of my dogs – impeccable behaviour, no shouting and screaming, eats everything they’re given, no need for electronics to keep them quiet – attentive the whole time – and they are yours for as long as they are around.  And they don’t grow up and leave you.


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    If only I’d known you were coming to Folkestone, I could have nipped down and said hello. Maybe next time, you all look as if you had an interesting time but I bet little George will be glad to see you back home. xx

  2. pet like yours is the man’s best friend ever ,who never leaves you alone in difficult time

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