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We were both a bit tired last night from our travels.  We stayed in and went to bed early to share stories of our adventures. I had a really fun time at House of Mutt. The first part of it there were lots of poo types and we were dashing about and running at speed – as we like to do. My friend Oscar and Cookie from our Hyde Park Meets were there with me.Hom 1Hom 2Hom 3The second half go my stay were mainly gentle giants – which meant I didn’t get to dash around like I did prior.Hom 5 There’s Sam, my old friend – a German Shepherd.  Hom 4I like Sam and Sarah told Mummy that I am not afraid of EVERY German Shepherd type as evidenced by my association with Sam. So Sarah called me bluff.  I guess I am only afraid of them if I don’t know them but Sam, I’ve met before and I quite like his company. All in all I had a good time.10565030_955565037794086_5697819325687411415_n10583978_958401897510400_4144521142417940780_nWell, Impostor isn’t real so she can’t tell stories, but Mummy told me what they did. She saw a lot of things. Mostly jealous that she met Little Tyke.IMG_0230 And Mini TykeIMG_0602 And Mulan the Shitszu-poodleP1020256_2She even got to go on a big hoeIMG_0310She was also in Hong Kong and met they went to Delhi and was introduced to Binku and Chanda …IMG_1249 She even got to go to Bukhara and wore a bib – apparently Obama and Hilary Clinton also wore them when they were there.IMG_1259 She was on a trishaw to the Taj Mahal but she couldn’t go in – they really thought she’s a dog!!!IMG_1144Mummy also told me that life is not all hunky dory for dogs over there. She saw a lot of stray dogs – some were hungry thin, many scavenging for food. But she also saw hope in places for dogs. She learnt about Soi Dogs in Phuket – and maybe they are in Ko Samui as well. She heard about Friendicoes – a dog shelter in Delhi. She visited the office but couldn’t visit the shelter – I think we’re going to blog about this later. IMG_1330Then enroute home, a brief stopover to New York City. This time she hid in the bag and dared not meet Zeus, a big Doberman. IMG_1392I had met Dante the last time I was there but since then Dante had passed and in place is Zeus. According to Mummy he is the sweetest dog ever and she would lay her head on Mummy’s lap. IMG_1387So we both had fun during our time together. And I am very happy to be home again. As much as Mummy wished I could be with her, it was not possible. It would have been a very uncomfortable trip for me – the long plane rides, the hot conditions.  It was better this way. And now we are together again. May’s comment: A light bulb went on in my head whilst I was away – a dog’s life is not about travelling to exotic places. As much as I would love to travel the world with Darcy, I know she’d rather be running and playing with other dogs in the fields.  So I guess it is good for us to go and do what we like to do and come back for many happy reunions.

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