Lockdown Top knots

Mum was saying that if Sheepdogs can see …

So can we!

Mum’s ‘lockdown challenge’ is to see how long our hair will grow.

We had our last groom on the 18th March,

There were days when I was a whirlwind of hair!

Mum gave us a wash three weeks into Lockdown and we came out floury and still presentable …

Six weeks into Lockdown – we learnt something. Sheepdogs can see through their fringe!

But we discovered I have a funny curl on my right side that makes the hair comes right over my eye.

And last night, this was me sitting on the sofa when Mum turned and saw this mess. I guess that was the last straw …

This morning, we had a wash and Mum finally tried the top knot on me and on George, a man-bun!

We’re not quite sure if she likes it or she likes it ha-ha!

She keeps taking photos of us and laughing out loud!

This is what I think of the whole thing!

And George looks like he also has the Lockdown Diet!

In the end, George, like everything else, carries it off the best.

May’s comment: Don’t think the top-knot is our look. LOL!

Only fair that I joined in the new look! LOL!

For as long as I can’t get to a hair dresser, they won’t either – because the day when the hairdressers are open, that means life would be back to some sort of normality.


  1. Kathy

    Lol!! Just too cute!! All three of you!! I tried that with my boy and he worked until he got out. Haha. He has finally got a groom and so did I. Very safe with masks and social distancing. One person and dog at a time. I am so glad you three have each other.

  2. Cheryl

    You all are so cute! I can’t believe how different Darcy looks with long hair/fur! I do think Darcy’s correct, George has pulled off the look the best!
    Stay well!

  3. Liz Burman

    How cute! I agree with Cheryl, George owns the look.🥰 Thank goodness, where I live dog groomers have remained open, it’s hoomans they don’t want to get too close to! Stay well.

  4. Karen

    Thankfully in Australia dog grooming was still considered essential service. 🎉🎉 or Lucy would be looking the same. 🤣🤣


    I love it! I am resorting to the pineapple look too May. 🐾❤️

  6. Julie Entwistle

    Brilliant. You all look fabulous x

  7. Gillian

    You all look so sweet ,I think you’ll start a family trend .🐾🐾❤️x

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