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It’s Clap for our Carers Thankful Thursday again …

Things are being eased in England as number of COVID cases are falling but the clapping on Thursdays continue.

This evening we walked over to the nearby Chelsea Westminster Hospital to join in the clapping.

People gathered and at 8.00pm, the clapping began, people cheered and the cars honked. We looked up at some of the frontline staff in the window looking out the window, waving, making hearts and smiling with gratitude.

After all the commotion, we met Pickle.

Pickle has been coming every week wearing a different outfit each time!


We wore our rainbow bandanas … never felt so under-dressed! LOL!

Bandanas from Distinguished Dog Company

May’s comment: Saying thank you is powerful and can be motivating to the recipient.

Today, we had a visit from two police officers. They were not there to check in on us but to say thank you to the volunteers at KCC where the PPEs are being made.

Last week, one of the police officers while on patrol had noticed that there were people coming and going into the building. He had come in to find out what’s going on as we were still in lockdown. He soon discovered that we were all there making PPEs with self-distancing. His wife is in the medical field. He was visibly touched.

He returned today with a fellow officer to say thank you – with cakes from Lizzie’s, a bakery close to the Brompton Hospital.

Thank you Police Officers. It made us all emotional again.

We have passed the 15K total number of gowns but have been asked to keep going till we reach 30K – as they are preparing for the second wave. 30,000 gowns we’re told will last three weeks – and that way, they will be more prepared this stockpile.

I remember the first two weeks when everyone was there with an unspoken mission – get those gowns made and we cheered each afternoon when they went from the college straight to the hospital and on the backs of the frontline workers. The urgency is no longer there, the situation no longer dire – but these people keep turning up every day to give their time. It’s been almost five weeks now and some of us have become familiar with each other and the atmosphere more relaxed. There are also fewer volunteers as some have gone back to work.

But today, made me realise how important it is to say thank you. Just that little gesture boosted morale, it made the people smile and felt appreciated. That’s why tonight, we say thank you again to all those in the frontline.

The situation in London may have eased but most of us really don’t know what it was like at the height of the pandemic. And until we are safely passed the danger we continue to appreciate all that they have done.

Heart-shaped floral wreaths at the Chelsea Westminster Hospital.

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