She’s not a “dog lady”!

Mummy learnt to love dogs. Before I existed, dogs were invisible to her. Today, she sees every dog when she’s out and about. And whenever asked, she can’t refuse to take them for the day or night(s). Because it’s not practical for her to have any more than just us two – so the occasional third and sometimes the fourth fulfill that certain need for now. 🙂

And when she sits at her desk, she counts them –

One …img_5553Two … img_5556Three (Charlie, our frequent guest)img_5554And sometimes there’s a fourth!img_5552Jaffa cakes!!!!

Mummy feels protective of us and feels loved when surrounded by us. img_5576Mummy didn’t always feel this way. In fact before she had me, dogs were “invisible” to her.

She did not grow up with dogs. Though she liked the idea of dogs, she was also afraid of dogs when she encountered one. You see, she didn’t realise it then but she had two very different perspectives about dogs.

She had been warned by her elders to be careful of those four-legged canines because they bite and they are dirty. Back where she grew up, dogs wandered the streets or they were kept in cages. So whenever she saw a dog on the streets, she avoided them. Things have changed somewhat since back then.

On the other hand, her favourite TV program growing up was “Lassie” kitchen-3The whole family watched Lassie together and Mummy’s granny always commented how clever Lassie – she could do “paw” (really?!!?!!?) and even when she was far, far away, she could hear when her master, Timmy whistled or when he called her name. She had perfect recall! (boo!)

Mummy also read every one of the Famous Five adventure books of which Timmy, their dog was very much an integral part – derek-2Timmy helped to solve many of their mysteries.

Well, that’s all very well, fiction and Hollywood’s portrayal of canines. That was before there was “Marley & Me” – a more realistic portrayal of us!

So when Mummy got me, I definitely did not have and still do not have 100% recall and I have my own adventures chasing squirrels. I do respond to her whistle – very useful for when I lose sight of her. And I know my name but I have selective listening skills.

But Mummy and I, we’ve had lots of adventures together – as we discover a more dog-friendly world!

May’s comment: I have two dogs of my own but I have a few others that comes to stay. The more the merrier. img_5381It is true that before I had Darcy I never noticed dogs. They were invisible to me. I might have watched a movie a dozen times and never noticed there was a dog in the scene, e.g. The Holiday. But now I do.

I used to avoid dogs because I didn’t know what to do with them. I had this idea that all dogs shed and leave their hairs all over the place – and I am a neat freak. Not what I needed.

So I understand people who have never had dogs and never experience living with them. I was there.

But now, I take it very personally when people even give my dogs a look of disdain, and if they tell me we can’t dine in their restaurant, I feel a rant coming on. I remind myself I was there before. I didn’t understand that those preconceptions and stereotyping weren’t always true. It’s up to us to choose the dogs that meet our needs, fit our lifestyles, and we train them to live with us.

So I’ve moved on to letting dogs on sofa and sleeping in my bed, which some people might find unhygienic. That’s how I used to feel. However, my friends told me that it’s normal and most people with dogs let them sleep on the sofa. They also told me that it might be an idea to find the best upholstery steam cleaner, just to be sure that my furniture is free of pet dander and other germs. Perhaps that might be a good idea.
img_1860-580x580I have come a long way. LOL! My friends are still shocked that I don’t have just one dogs but two and always seen with a third. How things have changed. I was not always into dogs. Something happened. The Universe, I believe, give us what we need at the right time.

So not a dog lady, just someone who was given a chance to learn to love through a dog.img_5660


  1. Christina LeDee

    Thoroughly enjoyed your write-up She’s not a “dog lady”! I myself was not a dog lady until I got my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the age of 55. I couldn’t think of my life now without one.

  2. Margaret Danks

    I too was so not a dog lady ( or cats ) then ended up with 2 stray kittens 14 years ago, one of which is still lying by myside as I type, but sadly his brother had to put put to sleep 4 months ago. Then Maggiedog came into my life and oh my, I cannot envisage my life without her. Animals bring such joy to your life, if only you can open your home and your heart to them.

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