Beds are meant to be shared

Do you remember the saga of Mummy getting that Muutu “bucket” and converting it into a “bed”?

IMG_5299Well, soon after all that huge effort, a VERY comfy REAL dog bed arrived in the post – one that Mummy actually liked!

She loved the fabric. It reminded her of a Jonathan Adler or Tory Burch design. She loved the teal colour though it was hard for her to decide between that and the navy.

It was the perfect size for GeorgeIMG_5300But what about me?
IMG_5302George and I are not possessive about our beds – we share them – so it’s important that they fit us both.IMG_5304To be honest, Mummy, this is a real bed, and not a bucket made into a bed. It’s soft and I like the sides where I can lay my head. The Muutu “Bucket” will have to be a standby.

And guess who else we shared our bed with …img_5551JAFFA!

May’s comment: While browsing through pet stores in Miami, FL, I came across the P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) beds. It was the patterned fabrics that caught my eye and on inspection, they are very well made. I didn’t want a dog bed that shouts “DOG BED” – avoiding bones, dog silhouettes, paw prints and not the country plaids – not quite appropriate for a London flat. You could argue that there aren’t many dog beds that would fit in too well in a space station property, however I must say that I trust my taste enough to make it work.

The Miami store had a limited supply and didn’t quite have the range of size nor colour. And I didn’t fancy carrying something that was not quite right across the ocean on the plane.

Once home I checked out P.L.A.Y.’s website and found the Moroccan Lounge Bed. The fabric is 100% cotton and the fillers are made from recycled plastic bottles. It is also 100% machine washable – so no need to worry about it eventually becoming grey!

Couldn’t decide between the navy (very classic) and teal (something different). I chose the small to fit into the space where I want it to be. It’s a perfect size for George but Darcy looks disproportionately large for the bed! Could probably use a Medium. img_5553But they both love curling up into small balls of fur when then sleep. So glad that doggies also love it as much as I do. Now checking out their Chill Pads. 🙂

PlayPet is an American brand but you can order them online. They also have a limited selection at Crate Ideas.

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