George should have been “Napoleon”

George thinks it is his role to take control of all matters – even with me and Charlie.

When Mini Tyke annoyed me and I wanted to tell her off, George stopped me in my tracks. Mummy was impressed for one millisecond until he turned around and told her off instead!!!! That was a shocker as George has never been aggressive towards hoomans.  But Mini Tyke, she’s well, a little annoying and needed to be told off.IMG_5379She likes to hit me and then put her face really close to mine.

And when the painters at our home made a loud noise, it is I who would usually go and bark at them. IMG_7094Once again, George told me off and then proceeded to bark at the men!
What’s going on, little guy? Why do you think you need to be the leader of the pack?IMG_7085Even at our Cockapoo Meets, George, being the dinkiest of us all would ward off any “intruders” – he’s like the bouncer at clubs.

How he knows when a dog isn’t a poodle cross is beyond us.  IMG_1644He has forgotten to look in the mirror lately.IMG_3524Ah, maybe it’s because he wants to be the only one that is different. So he tells off every dog that isn’t a doodle cross.

George has small dog syndrome. Maybe he should have been named Napoleon!

But he’s also a bit daft! He doesn’t understand computers and all these electronic devices. Mummy had videoed Charlie with a squeaky toy. But when Mummy played back the video, Georgie, well, he just couldn’t understand why the computer was squeaking.

Well, we now know iMacs are hardy – they can’t be destroyed by a lunatic like George!

But in the end, all that bravado, he just wants to be loved.

May’s comment: We have come a long way – for a long while, Darcy didn’t like men.  She was terrified one when she was a puppy and since that day male energy never resonated with her. But in the last few days when we had workmen in our home, she barked when they arrived but not with fear, just because they’re strangers. But on Day 2, she was just being a dog and once they came in, she was so chilled. Maybe it’s because they love dogs. IMG_7132And she always knows when they don’t.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Well Georgie someone has to be the boss, so it may as well be you!

  2. Ruth Tinney

    Watching Georgies video with the squeaky Mac just woke up Niles, my labradoodle who watched fascinated. He loves watching Georgie and Miss Darcy as do I, always looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. Miami Malteses

    Ha! Now your Mummy might understand me better! She made fun of me and called me a “Yappy little thing” when she came to visit because I barked at her, her luggage and anything out of place! She was a stranger in my house and I have to protect my family from that Hooman intruder and her wheelie thing! But then I fell in love with her, gave her kisses and settled down. We are boys and it’s our job to protect our friends and family! So way to go George! You are doing a fantastic job! Love and Licks, Quincy

  4. Alicia G.

    I wish I could find me a George. He is such a doll. My heart would explode with love watching George and my Kody Bear. ?

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