Something about Charlie

Charlie is back again! Mummy’s cuddle friend. IMG_6755George and I have our respective positions next to Mummy in bed. But when Charlie stays over, those “RESPECTive” positions go out the window. He completely takes up all the space closest to Mummy! He literally puts his paws around Mummy’s neck. IMG_6572Or flops himself of her and stays like that for awhile until he gets hot and gets off the bed. To resume position sometime in the night.

George and I, we let him get on with it. Because he probably misses his daddy and snuggles up to Mummy to feel secure.

As for us, we know where we belong – it’s not where we lie in the bed but in Mummy’s heart. And we can share that place with Mister Charles. Because we love him too.IMG_7087

May’s comment: I met Charlie when he was just a puppy on the street where we live. IMG_7861-580x580He was the cutest thing. He and Matt lived just a street over from us. And would see them often for their walkies. By coincidence, one day Charlie ended up with Praewa as her “Borrow My Doggy”IMG_0935-3– and from then onwards, Charlie became very much a part of our lives. IMG_5088He soon grew to be as big as Darcy. He’s a gorgeous boy with the sweetest face.IMG_8060Last week when he was here, he came to us all shaggy.IMG_6624He needed a groom and found out we needed to have him cut short …IMG_6652But he still looks gorgeous even after all his beautiful hair was shorn off.IMG_6705Charlie is probably the only dog other than Darcy and George that have crept into my heart – and made it bigger. And I am very lucky to have him be a part of our lives ever so often.

That said, there’s also Jaffa … LOL!  She can stay too! How fun it would be if we’re altogether one night.

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Be careful what you wish for May…four doggies on the bed may just be a step too far… xx

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