Showing Bobo the big city

Yesterday was our first full day. We woke up to find Bobo with a waggy tail. Last night he whimpered just a little when we left him in his crate before he went quiet. He’s very good like that.

IMG_3916We had an early start – as we had an appointment at the vet. Mummy wanted the vet to check him over. We were a bit early so we sat and waited till it was 8am. Bobo waited patiently. IMG_3931 IMG_3930Peter the vet saw me the other day when I had a wasp sting. Today he checked Bobo over.  He was also very good.IMG_3936Apparently he has a slight overbite but of no concern. He has some pigmentation on his lower lip and a little scab like thing on top of his nose.  Nothing to be concerned about. Mummy asked the vet what sort of cross he thinks Bobo is. He says he’s almost certain there’s some poodle in him. And he looks like a part Yorkie. Wow! Could he be a poo too?!?!?!

His weight is fine but have a feeling he will fatten up living with us. I have put on weight which is a no-no. Mummy knows it’s because of all the treats esp during Agility. We don’t run enough at Agility to burn off all those yummy treats.

Then it was my turn. I’ve been flicking my ears a bit recently so Mummy asked if Peter could check them.  I was fine.IMG_3955We were both on the vet table!  Time for a photo (again!)IMG_3950

We took our first long walk together. Bobo was fine. IMG_4035Just that he’s afraid of cars and big trucks. He would literally put on the brakes but Mummy and I, we just keep walking and he had to follow. And before you cross the road, look right IMG_4038 And then left – oops, sorry, I didn’t look.IMG_4041Then we got to Kensington Gardens – I showed him where we always meet for our cockapoo get togethers. He will come and join us in the next one – since he is part poo according to the vet.IMG_3965We met lots and lots of dogs. Mummy didn’t let Bobo off the lead as she’s not sure he knows to come back. But a lot of dogs came over to say hello to him. He’s braver than me. If I saw some of those big dogs, I would be barking at them. But he’s so cool about it all.IMG_4012 IMG_4010 IMG_3987 IMG_3991 IMG_3996 IMG_3974 IMG_3979 This one, I would have barked at him.IMG_3984 IMG_3964 IMG_3968 IMG_3957 IMG_3958And then there were the cockapoos! Rocko and Spencer!IMG_4004 IMG_4001 And then he charmed Spencer’s mummy. He is a bit of a charmer, this little guy.IMG_4008Next stop – the groomers!  Mummy thinks Bobo had an erratic haircut. His little tail has long strands left hanging at the end and he had tufts of hair here and there that sticks out.IMG_4022 So it was time for a proper groom. Poor Bobo, he was quite nervous about the whole thing.IMG_4027When we went to pick him up, he wasn’t happy. His tail wasn’t wagging. When Mummy held him, he clung onto her for dear life. His tail wasn’t wagging for a while. The groomers say he could also be Yorkie with Poodle and also probably a Shitzu. Oh dearie me – a Shit-Poo?!?!?

Then it was time to go and pick up the right coloured lead at Purple Bone for Bobo.  This at least matches the harness – still waiting for his collar. IMG_4058We’ve been out the whole day – the sun was setting as we set off home. Been a full on day for little Bobo and he took it all in stride. He sometimes walk in different directions but overall we walk very well together.IMG_4066Back at home, we were zonked.



  1. Louise Watts

    It looks like Bobo is settling in very well! He’s so sweet and I’m glad Miss Darcy is being so welcoming! xx

  2. Maggie Danks

    I take my hat off to you May. I would love to be able to foster but I have 2 elderly cats and it wouldn’t be fair on them. Bobo looks like a delightful little dog and MissDarcy seems to be coping well. You have a very kind soul.

  3. Judith Vogel

    What a full day for all. I’m very impressed with Ms Darcey’s gracious and generous behavior! Bo is an adorable dog and fitting into a routine so well.
    Bravo May!
    I love all the dog photos of their interactions…..thank you,

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