Room for one more

Looks like it’s not just Bobo coming to stay but we have a new addition to our growing family of me look-alikes!

This is a new pup from Jelly Cat.  We’ve decided it’s a boy – IMG_3680And we named him Bobo! This is so we will remember Bobo when he leaves us.

This collection of me lookalikes began actually more than 35 years ago. Could it have been fate that a friend gave Le Mutt to Mummy? We still haven’t named him yet but when Mummy got me, her sister reminded her about Le Mutt.  Any thoughts for a name?IMG_3724 Same pose!IMG_9661-580x435Then along came Poppy – she’s from Jelly Cat.IMG_3725 This is Lottie from GottaGetAGund – now this is really a cockapooIMG_3721Then along came Lucy, she’s also a Gotta-Get-A-GundIMG_3726This is the real me at 10 months!IMG_1460Gruffalo came to stay with us all the way from MiamiIMG_3722 And now we have Bobo, also a Jelly Cat – probably looks the least like a cockapoo!IMG_3723One happy collection of cockapoo lookalikes!IMG_3699

May’s comment: Le Mutt needs a name! He’s a boy.

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  1. Judith Vogel

    How about Mutton or Lamp Chop?
    Love your collection.
    The photo poses with corresponding dogs are priceless!
    Ms Darcy,
    You and your Mum always brighten my day.
    Thank You

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