Silent Night

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the stillness of the Dorset countryside …

Full moon – just an iPhone shot …

we’re playing Christmas carols on my iPhone. There’s no TV in the cabin, some internet.

Just each other for company.

May’s comment: Sitting in the stillness of the night, bundled up and looking up at the skies – watching the moon play games with the clouds …

and away from all the hustle and bustle, remembering the reason we celebrate Christmas.

It is quite mild here because of the cloudy skies. A year ago, I was in Arctic clime, chasing a BIG dream – to see the Northern Lights. Just when I thought it was yet another futile attempt, when magically they appeared late on Christmas Eve over the skies of Tromso. And one more time on the last night when riding horseback with the sound of snow crunching under the hooves as we rode along the beach – when the green curtain of light appeared in the skies.

How different this is from last year –  

I love this photo that another passenger took of us. I hadn’t realised how many of the other passengers were watching us each time we went out for walkies at every port.
They talked amongst themselves of this “dog lady” – I know because I overheard them when I was on an excursion! LOL! But there were also so many others who begged to walk them for me because they were missing their pooches !

But this year, there’s no one around us. On this silent night, holy night, the moon is bright and there are no Northern Lights, but I am still looking into the skies …

“May we never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”
Happy Christmas!

Maybe an element of supporting local business 🙂


  1. Rita Betteridge

    Merry Christmas May,Darcy and gorgeous George. ..peace and good will to you all stay safe….it looks idyllic.

  2. Cheryl

    Merry Christmas Miss Darcy, George and May! I’m so blessed to have discovered your blog and to have been able to share in your adventures. I hope the peace of Christmas brings you joy all the coming year.

  3. Cheryl Houlton

    Merry Christmas May, Darcy and George xxx Cheryl and Susie x

  4. Jackie lalwani

    Merry Christmas to you May Darcy and
    Thank you for a wonderful year of blogs,
    photos, and excitement. Privileged to know
    you all
    Looking fwd to an equally great 2019
    Happy new year
    Jackie Deepak & Ellie xxx

  5. Jill Keiser

    Merry Christmas May, Darcy, and George from Jill, Gina, Nikki, and Whiskers! Thank you for another year of wonderful adventures and beautiful photos of you three showing us the world of London and the world!

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