We were at Chiswick House & Garden the other day looking at the Magic Lanterns. After that as we walked back to the car, we went for a good run around in the maze.

Well at least Jaffa and I did. 🙂
IMG_1947In and out we went.IMG_1949At the end of that walk, there’s a structure built just to give hoomans a focal point at the end of the path.  And Mummy thought – oh, nice place for a photo. Let’s get the doggies to sit for a pose.

So up I jumped.  Up went Stanley. Jaffa and George had to be lifted. And then the hoomans kept telling us – SIT! STAAAY! IMG_1950You see, I’m used to all this charade. George is pretty good at it. IMG_1953George: I’m ready

Stanley: Daddy? What’s going on?

Jaffa: What are we doing up here, Darcy?

Me: Posing, Jaffy! Just smile!
IMG_1954Jaffa: But I am camera shy.

Me: Just look up Jaffa, it will be over soon.
IMG_1952 And all the hoomans kept saying over and over was – SIIIIIT!!!! STAAAAAY!!!!  SIIIIT!!! STAY!

And just as we were all looking at the camera, IMG_1951Georgie turned and asked: “Why don’t they say – Look at the camera and smile? We’re already  “SIIIIIITing and STAAAAYing“. 

Oh Georgie!

May’s comment: Four friends!IMG_1984George (asking a question), Darcy (with crooked smile), Jaffa (listening to George), Stanley (smiling!)


  1. Rusty

    Gorgeous pic well done!

  2. Liz

    Looks like George is giving his big sister a kiss and she’s not too keen lol!

  3. Margaret Danks

    I love this! You are sooo the matriarch of the group MissD

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