Six countries in 24 hours

We are in Zagreb – 24 hours since we started our journey.

We started at 6.30am from London when Mum took me out for a walk around the block – to be ready for a 2.5 hour car journey. But when I saw Abdul, form Folkestone Taxi – I was so excited and wanted to get in the car while Mum went to get our luggage.

As we left, the sun hadn’t quite come up yet.

And as Abdul drove, Mum and I had little naps.

We arrived at Folkestone with plenty of time to board the 09.49 Eurotunnel crossing – so that gave me time to do my morning business.

Thank you Le Shuttle for making it easy for us.

Mum said if we keep walking …

– we will meet Brexit somewhere along the way.

09.49 came along quickly – and we were driving into the Le Shuttle …

We were over onto the continent in no time. We kept driving till we arrived in Paris at Gare de L’Est. This is an unfamiliar station – we’ve never been here before.

Again we had ample time – time for another wee, time for some food for Mum. There was ample choice for food but Mum was taken by this McDonalds vending machine – well, not a vending machine but you get to make your choice and pay for it.

And there we are – a Hamburger.

And I had none.

First train ride at 15.55 – Paris to Munchen – five and a half hours … we arrived at Munchen at 21.36. Time for relief and time to get on another train to Zagreb.

We’re taking the Sleeper train to Zagreb.

Our cabin.


Well, here we are – just us two.

Yet another unhealthy option for dinner – this time some wurst – one for me and one for Mum.

And we’re pulling out of the station! Let’s go!

Mum, I prefer to rest my head on a pillow. How about you?

LOL! We snuggled all night. The only problem was Mum didn’t know how to switch off the cabin lights. And that was what kept waking her up all night. Or whenever the train stopped. I think the rocking sent us both to sleep but the minute it stopped, the silence of the night and the bright cabin lights woke her up.

The train passed through the Austria and stopped over in Salzburg in the middle of the night.

The sun rose and we’re at the start of another day …

Where are we now, I wonder.

Isn’t it beautiful?

There was knock on the door and Mum was served breakfast. For someone who usually wouldn’t drink coffee – I think she needed it.

And then the train came to a stop at Dobova in Slovenia –

and the police came on board to check our passports, well, Mum’s not mine.

When the border police were off, the train carried for another half an hour till we pulled into Zagreb’s main station – ten hours since we left Munchen. Croatia was country number six in twenty-four hours.

Hello Zagreb!

May’s comment: The journey was precisely timed – for Darcy’s toilet needs! LOL!

Our usual – reliable and precise driver, Abdul from Folkestone Taxi picked us at 7am. Darcy immediately recognised him and she couldn’t wait to jump into the car.

The timing worked out well. There were waiting times but that was better than rushing and worry about making connections since we were on a schedule – one to another in successions. As usual, six hour train rides have been done before. And as my dogs sleep through the night, an overnight sleeper wasn’t an issue.

And so here we are – the start of an adventure of new countries. I’ve never been to Croatia and definitely not Serbia. First for me and for Darcy.

Will write again when we have seen a little of Zagreb – we’re here for 24 hours till we make our way to Belgrade.


  1. Cheryl

    You are amazing, the planning that went into this trip is incredible! You are a very good friend!
    Continued safe travels.

  2. Maureen Dell

    Wow 6 countries in 24 hours! What an adventure. Yes I totally agree, you are a wonderful friend. Enjoy your time there.

  3. Liz Burman

    Just love the way Miss D always finds the most comfortable spot, and settles down nicely for a nap.😂 Just one lucky dog!😍

  4. ELAINE Craigen

    I love reading about all your adventures Darcy!💕Enjoy your time in


    Hi Darcy, wow you are on such an amazing trip, such fabulous photos. I’m sure you are both having an incredible journey, and perfectly planned by your Mum. Looking forward to your next posts. Cheerio for now from Hilary x

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