Sunce u Zagrebu

It’s indeed sunny in Zagreb! I needed a hat – Mum thought.

Our train arrived at 08.35. Tired but relieved to have made it. And this is our last train till Friday – as we are using other modes of transportation the next few days.

Our hotel, Esplanade Zagreb was only a three-minute walk from the train station – so that was fab!

Conveniently, there’s a small park on the way, so I could do my morning business after a ten-hour train ride.

Note: This is the 22nd country where I have made my mark – LOL! Making a mark comes in all different manner – doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing or super significant. 🙂

We checked in but it was too early to have a room ready. As breakfast was on Mum’s mind after a day of bad eating – we were not too worried about not getting a room. We also wanted to see if we are allowed in the eating areas. Yes, we’re allowed to eat at the bar area which is just next to the restaurant. For dinner, there’s a table at the entrance that is reserved for clients with dogs. All very good so far.

At breakfast they told us that they have a room ready for us whenever we’re ready. That’s fab.

Our view from the room –

The building to the right is the railway station – we are that close.

Oh! See what they had prepared for me …

We think that bolster is meant to be a pillow. They know I like pillows!

After a little rest, a few phone calls and catching up since we had no internet connection all day yesterday, we went walking (slowly) to the Old City – Kaptol.

Looking for squirrels.

But I see another four-legged friend. Well, hello!

Pricate li Engleski? (Do you speak English?)

Ne znam Hrvatski (I don’t speak Croatian)

There were lots of pooches all along the way.

And then …. look! That little dog reminded us of George.

Hey little guy! We miss you George!

We kept seeing statues with red scarves on – and wondered why …

We soon arrived at the Old Town and there was again another monument wearing a red scarf.

A little research told us that the 18th Oct is European Cravat Day – a day that goes back to the 17th century when a unit of Croatian soldiers known as the Croats (or Crabats) joined the French army and became known for wearing pieces of cloth around their necks, tied in a

One of the main attractions of the Old Town is the Cathedral of Zagreb.

The Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is a Roman Catholic institution and not only the tallest building in Croatia but also the most monumental sacral building in Gothic style southeast of the Alps – Wikipedia

Today it is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

There’s a market Square and Mum was trying to find a fridge magnet souvenir to add to my collection. There were plenty to choose from but then she saw this hat.

Our friend Mira thinks this looks good on me.

I still need a red scarf.

And so Mum bought the hat and a magnet from Mira.

We walked further along the narrow cobbled stone streets and caught another view of the Cathedral.

And my nose took us to this Submarine place. I could smell the meat all the way from the street and was keen to go inside – besides it said – its pet-friendly. There are quite a few restaurants that do allow dogs inside.

There was still quite a bit more to see – the Funicular and St. Marks but I think Mum was feeling it in her foot. So we headed back to our hotel and think we needed a rest after the all-day travel.

And then for dinner at the hotel restaurant – Zinfandel’s.

We had not realised its a Michelin Star restaurant.

Nothing like a Michelin Star meal to make up for yesterday’s McDonalds, packet of salami, Pringles and wursts.

Red is the colour!

Next stop – Belgrade.

May’s comment: Pretty city and lovely weather but walking on cobbled-stone streets wasn’t the best thing for my other foot! Oy vey! What to do?

But glad to have seen a bit of Zagreb. And to see so many dogs out and about with their owners.

And what a lovely surprise to find that the restaurant in the hotel that has a reserved table at the front for dogs is in fact a Michelin-starred restaurant – Zinfandel’s.

Had everything truffle –

Lovely visit – for 24 hours – next stop … till tomorrow.


  1. Cheryl

    Thank you for the wonderful photos, I really enjoyed them. You are such a brave traveler, language, money, transportation are all things that I would have found overwhelming, not you!
    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s adventures are!
    Darcy, you look so cute in your hat!
    Continued safe travels!


    Hi Miss Darcy, I love your hat it really suits you, I suppose you will be sporting a red cravat tomorrow. So, you are using different forms of transport for the next few days….a Hot Air Balloon maybe? Twenty two different countries where you have made your mark, don’t suppose they supply a special ‘Poo/wee’ passport, but a collection of fridge magnets instead is brilliant. It looks a great place, the Cathedral is stunning. Glad to see you making friends, I tried to find the word for woof, think it’s something like ‘potski, but your Mum will know. Hope your Mum’s foot is standing up to the pressure of cobble stones, they are difficult at the best of times. Cheerio for now xxx

  3. Eppie Dyann Giles

    I love your adventures.
    I read them to Fleas Navidad.

  4. Julie mcevilly

    Love following your adventures it is so informative and very amusing at times.
    Your love for good food also takes you to some amazing restaurants May. Take care of your foot and have a good journey home to George love Julie & Bailey x

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