Smuggled from Galway to Dublin

We made it back to Dublin – Phew!!!

When we were stopped and queried from getting on the train as we began our travel to Galway – Mummy was really worried we couldn’t get back on the return train ride to Dublin. Actually the station manager had told us they are really strict at Galway and we would not get on.

So Wendeline and Mummy began to plan on how they would smuggle me back to Dublin.

Wendeline had a great idea. She gave up her hand luggage so I could be carried on board.That way I look more like a “lap dog” – IMG_8771which supposedly are allowed on board – if muzzled or crated. Thankfully I have travelled quite a few times in a bag so I was used to the routine.

Our driver Paul was also helpful. He walked us confidently to the train station and helped us with our bags. We had to show our tickets to the station master and Mummy was so nervous about being stopped. Well, when we walked past the “very strict” train manager – he did not even make any mention of me!!!

We got on board and again I sat discreetly on the seat next to Mummy, covered by my coat with only my head showing.

IMG_8774But look, I have a train ticket in my pocket!IMG_8779May’s comment: So glad we made it back to Dublin.  As I had been warned – it all depends on the train station manager and how they feel about dog travels. Well, the station manager at Galway had no problem with dogs on train.

We were hoping to run into the station manager we had met at Dublin to let her know that she was misinformed about Galway. But she was nowhere to be found.

OK, we’ll chalk this down for experience.


  1. Denise.Scott

    Hi Darcy – so glad you made it back to Dublin I was really quite worried!!!
    Love Oakley X

  2. Paul langan

    Hiya Darcy glad to hear you pulled off your mission to get back to Dublin undetected by train inspectors. It was a peasure to have you in my taxi. Until we meet again good luck with your next adventure….. Paul

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Paul!!!! So nice to hear from you! Thank you for being there at the beginning and at the end – you made our trip to and from Ashford really effortless. xxx

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