Céad Mile Fáilte!

Céad Mile Fáilte is Gaelic for 100,000 welcomes!  That’s how we felt when we arrived at Ashford Castle.

IMG_8563They even appropriately had dog statues out front to immediately make me feel I belong.IMG_8562

They knew my name.  IMG_8766As I wasn’t allowed in the restaurants, they offered to look after me.  Or it was fine if I stayed in the room. And if I barked (which I didn’t) – that was fine too – because I am a dog after all.

We took walks on the lovely grounds – across fields, through the woods IMG_8475 IMG_8480 IMG_8483or in their gardens. IMG_8517 This is where Mummy allowed me off lead! She didn’t trust me to run in the woods. 🙁IMG_8737IMG_8520IMG_8521 There were some really big treesIMG_8518 And colourful ones too.IMG_8532IMG_8710There were lots of steps to run up and down –IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8527 IMG_8729IMG_8524There were old walls and towersIMG_8719And a peaceful lakeIMG_8544IMG_8722I ran around the fountain a few times!IMG_8731I sat on big interesting chairs that we do not have at home.IMG_8534IMG_8516

Back inside the castle, one place I could go was at the bar with Mummy and Wendeline.IMG_8511It’s been two lovely days. One day of discovering the castle – and all the interesting artefacts…IMG_8765and it’s grounds … IMG_8540and another day of travelling the  countryside.

But all things must come to an end.  And it was time to check out …IMG_8743IMG_8745

Good bye Ashford Castle. Thank you for making me feel welcomed. Thank you for taking care of me.IMG_8560It has been a lovely stay.  And as we walked out the front door, we saw a rainbow! IMG_8769A perfect finish to our lovely stay!

May’s comment: Another lovely Red Carnation hotel that welcomes dogs. Had a lovely time with Wendeline and Darcy. Lovely walks, wonderful staff and good food – and we had the best weather one can hope for – blue skies with wispy clouds. The luck of the Irish was with us.

This truly is a dog friendly hotel. Most dog friendly [;aces only allow dogs in the room and nowhere else. And they’re not allowed to stay in the room and not allowed at places to eat. Whilst at Ashford Castle, they were only not allowed where food was served 9really due to other customers)  – but she could stay in the room by herself and she was allowed to bark. If I preferred, Darcy was looked after while we were having our meals. She was greeted everyday by almost every staff. They took her to greet guests upfront. And she in turn stayed quietly calm. We were part of the community.

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