So near and yet so far …

We were going to see George yesterday during the few days we’re back in London.

But Mum decided it was better to leave him in his happy place with Sara and her pups – Lola and Colette.

He has settled into their routine and going for walks together.

He’s had lots of new adventures …

Very brave George, checking out a cockerel!

And as much as we would like to see him, Mum decided it was best not to disrupt his schedule with a visit. We’re off again on Monday for two weeks and it just wouldn’t be fair to him.

May’s comment: As much as I want to hold my little guy and give him big hugs and have him look at me with those big brown eyes, I knew this was a better option.

He’s very settled and happy in his routine at Sara’s. If I turned up a week later, he would be a little confused at first to see me. And it would be so unsettling for him if he sees me leaving with Darcy. In the weeks following his op, he had developed this little cry – cry of despair when he’s in his crate and he hears me getting ready to go out.

Love my little guy.

George has grown bigger and bigger in my heart – yes, its always absence that makes the heart grows fonder. But I have grown to appreciate all that he is – the little chap who was culled from the streets in Hungary with no sense of belonging who now knows he belongs to us – as a family. But he is a survivor and he adapts to new situations very quickly and makes the most of it. Everyone, well, almost everyone loves George. But he’s my little guy.

My little happy guy.


  1. Liz Burman

    Dear little Georgie I do hope he’s healing well.XX

  2. Cheryl

    Sweet George! Continued prayers for a complete and speedy recovery!????

  3. Norma Roberts

    Gris so beautiful and endearing may. Can’t imagi him alone on the street ?So glad he found you. X

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