Mum called me a “pickled cucumber” in Paris

The French word for poodle is Caniche – which is understandable that in her bad French Mum called me a “cornichon” –

Which means “pickled cucumber” – oh Mum!  She was trying to say poodle and cocker cross. You can be hilarious at times.

Maybe she needed some sleep. We were really tired when we got into the hotel. Mum loved the interiors of the Monte Cristo hotel so much that we immediately re-booked for our one night stay over next Monday.

We both slept well and the next morning we went for a quick walk around the neighbourhood – which we’re not familiar with. Hotel Monte Cristo is in the Left Bank while we usually stay closer to the Tuilleries.

Walking along the streets, we came across …

Colourful chairs on a Paris Street

Other dogs – they’re usually not allowed inside patisserie ….

We didn’t bother going into any of them since we found out I was also allowed to have breakfast with Mum.

I waited as she went to the buffet …

Mum shared some parma ham with me.

Exploring Paris

We checked out of the hotel by mid morning and along with our friend Ellen, we went for a walk towards the Louvre for lunch.

Along the way we met some “bears”

Stopped to say hello.

We walked past the Pantheon.

As we headed towards Jardin du Luxembourg

Three cool chicks …

With shades! LOL!

Flowers in the park.

And after almost an hour of walking, we arrived at the Louvre.

Ellen asked to take a photo with me …

Do you think I am winning Ellen over?

We had lunch at Cafe Marly

Incredible view of the Pyramid

We walked around a little before it was time to leave for Gare du Nord.

One last view, one last photo – till next week.

Home time

Arriving at Gare du Nord, we waited for our train platform

And then a two hour train ride to Calais where we got picked up by Folkestone Taxi – and driven to the Eurotunnel crossing. But I got scanned and checked before we entered the tunnel.

Less than an hour later we arrived at Folkestone where we were dropped off at the station to catch a train back to London. This is the part of the trip we don’t really enjoy – it feels that after such a. along journey and we are already back in the UK but still another journey before we’re home.

This time we were entertained …

By little Pepe!
I was tired and you know I am just a grumpy ol’ girl!

May’s comment:

Back to our normal mode of travel – by train.

Met the cutest little Pom – Pepe and it so happens we live really close by!

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  1. Daniel Hall

    Your photos remind me of long ago great visits to Paris– my favorite City. According to a web map of Paris, you were not far from Notre Dame. Did you happen to see it after that terrible fire? I first saw the fire here in New York City on a TV at a restaurant. So glad much of it was saved. Thank you for sharing your great trip photos. I was in Nice, Monaco and Eze a long time ago, but still remember the food, etc. Good to know that many places in Paris welcome dogs. Bonsoir.

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