So tell me what happened

“How was your time away? Where did you go? What did you do?” asked GeorgeIMG_7906Well, George, nothing much …
IMG_7940We took the train to a seaside town.

In the mornings, we went for walks on the beach, which you wouldn’t have liked anyway.  Or we walked along the cliff side, and Mummy would have had you on a leash as she wouldn’t trust you not to go charging over the cliffs.

After that we basically sat in a room all day for two days while the sun was shining outside, while the waves cried out to us and the fresh sea air beckoned.IMG_7939So you see, Georgie, you didn’t miss much.

Mummy, is that true?IMG_7913May’s comment: If I could, I would have brought you along. But it wasn’t possible and I had to bring Darcy for various reasons.
IMG_7912But I promise that you and I will go on a trip together soon.

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Georgie! — You can count on your Mummy to plan a special trip just for you!

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