“A Writer’s Journey” to The Seaside Boarding House

Mummy took me to the Cornerstones Writing Workshop at The Seaside Boarding House in Burton Bradstock.IMG_7602Simple sophistication with a maritime theme
IMG_7660 This is the restaurant that serves really nice food. IMG_7663 Dogs are to be seated only in the bar area but they made an exception for me!IMG_7666It’s cold sitting on the patio IMG_7669but when the sun comes out, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I really wanted to go down to the beach and play, but we had a rather busy day. Mummy, really wants to go on a whale watching california holiday soon and hopefully then I’ll have my chance to splash about!
IMG_7671On cold winter days, there’s a quiet library where you can sit and read.IMG_7687The bedrooms have views of the neighbouring fields and the seaIMG_7600The bathtub was particularly useful for rinsing my muddy paws after running on the fieldsIMG_7751And where Mummy enjoyed sitting in her warm bath and looked out the window.

It’s only a short walk IMG_7657 IMG_7603down to the beachIMG_7616Or you can walk along the cliff side (not too close to the edge)IMG_7737If we decide not to go to the beach, we have the nearby fields for a lovely runIMG_7832And to meet some localsIMG_7818We watched the sunriseIMG_7720And the sunsets
IMG_7696Mummy thought it was particularly beautiful walking out into the night, listening to the waves and looking at the stars in the sky.IMG_7697 It was an absolutely beautiful place. We will definitely return for a more relaxed stay.

During the two days we were there, I listened in on what the humans were talking about and got some tips about writing. IMG_7843I even met a real author! IMG_7773Lee Weatherly has published over 50 Young Adults/children’s books!

And Mummy got to tell her story to Sam Copeland a literary agent from Rogers, Coleridge & White! IMG_7842He loves dogs!!!! And that’s a big plus! Yay!

At day’s end, I was all tired out from the day’s events.IMG_7698While we took this journey so Mummy could attend Cornerstones Writing Workshop, let’s not forget that I, too am a writer. 🙂 OK, maybe just a blogger.

Thank you Cornerstones for letting me join the sessions. IMG_7760Actually, thank you to all the other attendees who didn’t mind having me there. I had a lot of fussing over. 🙂IMG_7836May’s comment: An inspiring two days. So much talent, so many stories to tell. Writing is not easy, it is pure hard work and commitment. It was also good to know you are not the only trying. It helped to meet like-minded people.

So, inspired, rejuvenated and a long list of books to read – because writers should also be readers.

Thank you to Cornerstones! You’ve been amazing in being good listeners, providing constructive comments, and most of all for taking us seriously. I cannot imagine how many people you have nurtured and helped along their journeys, probably thousands – all with a desire to write and to be published.

And as for The Seaside Boarding House, they accommodated us well. IMG_7749They broke their own rules for Darcy. We were allowed to dine with the rest of the group every morning and dinner.IMG_7805A fab place to return to – dog friendly in many sense.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    It sounds as if you’ve had a wonderful couple of days Miss D, and your mummy too. Georgie will be jealous!

  2. Margaret Danks

    We await your book with baited breath May!

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