So wake me up when it’s all over

There are days when Mummy thinks that retail therapy is another form of our exercise for the day.

Some days we just walk all day – and we go from store to store.  It is really quite tiring – and also boring.IMG_1988George, he’s still curious about everything. But me, I’ve seen it all. IMG_1990In the four and a half years, I have been to most of these shops with Mummy – so nothing new for me.IMG_2615While George – he’s observing and really, trying to get people’s attentionIMG_2002 I just lie and wait – till it is all over and we move on to the next shop.IMG_1998 Even when Mummy has a pedicure, George is ever so curiousIMG_2006I just lay under the chair and take a nap. Maybe it’s because I am older – and wiser? Or just bored – squirrelling is much more fun.IMG_2013May’s comment:  Sometimes I feel badly for Darcy that she so much rather run around and chase squirrels – but there are things to do and errands to run.

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  1. julie mcevilly

    I’m sure Miss Darcy would rather be with you what ever you are doing xx

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