Hello Zukie!!!!

It was a busy day – taking George to the vet for his physical check-up before flying and Mummy had to get all sorts of things ready for their trip. But on our agenda yesterday was to meet Zukie!

We had arranged to meet at 212, a dog-friendly restaurant on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill and waited anxiously for Zukie to arrive.IMG_3017 And when she came with her daddy – OMG!!! She was adorable!IMG_3020She’s the cutest little thing ever!!!!IMG_3031 She sat on her daddy’s lap most of the time looking at Mummy from across the tableIMG_3038 and the world around usIMG_3043Until the muffin arrived.IMG_3023Zukie and I came from the same breeder – and Mummy said she looks a lot like me when I was that little – same colouring. IMG_3049Zukie’s daddy wanted to see what she might look like when she’s bigger.  I wasn’t so keen on being compared especially when Zukie’s daddy said I have a big nose!!!IMG_3047Not a nice thing to say to a lady! And he said I am a big girl with a gianormous tail!!!!  Mummy you tell him that’s what is so distinctive about us cockapoos!

May’s comment: No Darcy, Craig was just observing how much bigger Zukie might get. Don’t take the comments so personally.

It was interesting to hear why Craig got a puppy – to have the responsibility for another being – that was part of the reason I decided to get a dog. My whole life was all about me, I never had to care for another and worry about another who was dependent on me.  Also like Craig, my decision to get a cockapoo was impulsive and we’re both first time dog owners!  We both shared stories about our worries and how they have changed our lives. But I think he fell in love with Sukie faster than I fell in love with Darcy. Partly I think it has to do with the fact that I was doing it on my own while he has a support group around him.

Zukie is soooo cute and have already offered to dog-sit her whenever necessary! 🙂


  1. Brandon Tubby

    Congratulations!!! So exciting having a litlin in the house!

  2. hey may and darcy
    i saw you on tv !! i did not realise sukie was mine till i say HANDSOME owner Mr Solomon xxx

  3. Craig Solomon

    Lovely meeting you Darcy and George and your mummy yesterday. Zukie was very excited to have new friends. I didn’t mean to be rude about your lovely nose either!!
    May – these are lovely pictures!
    Janice – I’m blushing now!

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