So which is Britain’s Favourite breed?

We sat and watched ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Dog 2019 …

Ever so many types of dogs – about 200 plus.

Finally they introduced the top 10 dogs – as voted by Hoomans!
Are we finally down to the last two?

We, Cockapoos came in Number 2!!! Just missed the top spot, but still pretty remarkable!

Thank you Max, for representing us.

And the nation’s favourite dog – Staffordshire Bull Terrier is “Top Dog” …

Congratulations! Maybe it is time they get some good press.

And to all those Staffies abandoned at rescue centres – maybe now you’ll get a second look by potential adopters, and be given a chance to have a normal life.

And as the show finally came to a close, Mum said to me and George – “You two are my favourite dogs!”

May’s comment: Everyone has the best dog.

It was fun watching and learning about all those breeds. And we did hold our breath when they were making the announcement. Of course we would have jumped up and down with excitement if Cockapoos came in first. Didn’t think they represented the better virtues of Cockapoos.

But it was quite nice to see the Staffie winning the favourite vote. They need some good press. I happened to have met one earlier in the day at Love My Human. He was one big gentle giant that wanted attention. They’ve had so much bad press – and whenever one visits a rescue centre, the places are usually full of Staffies. Maybe this positive awareness help to give them better consideration.

Putting things into perspective, we are lucky to be able to watch such lovely programmes and to take our minds off that conundrum over on the other channel.

One of the best quotes from the show – “They turn the house into a home.” How true. That was one of the reasons I decided to get a dog.


  1. Sue McCallum

    Thank you so much for the support for Max. We had a lovely, albeit freezing, afternoon meeting all sorts of different dogs. Obviously I’m a little sad Cockapoo’s didn’t come 1st but as you so rightly said, Staffies need all the good press they can get and hopefully those poor dogs in rescue will find loving homes now. Zen who was there representing Staffies was such a beautiful gentle soul and showed the true nature of the breed.

  2. Cheryl Houlton

    Lets hope this raises the staffie profile, well done Max! Cheryl and Susie x

  3. Sarah Johnson

    It’s shocking how many Staffies end up in rescue centres. I guess, perhaps unfairly, that there are thousands of stupid young men who want a “tough looking” dog and then can’t be bothered to train them, socialise them or exercise them properly

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