Getting Magnetised

George’s limp is still there. He still raises his back leg – the one caused by a collision between a massive labradoodle and dinky Le Mutt!

He doesn’t seem to be in pain but he still raises his right hind leg when walking. He hobbles around with great gusto and still has massive attitude. While he waited for Mum to pick him up for bedtime, he started jumping up on the bed himself last night. And he has started putting down his leg when he’s standing. Looks like he’s on the mend as we suspect it was a sprain or a pulled tendon.

Maybe its because we’ve also tried something new on him. When our friend, Lilo’s mum saw George limping, she immediately said he needed a magnetic “massage” …

At first unsure what was happening but George stayed very still – incredible!
Are you ok, George?
He soon relaxed onto the bed
Ahhhh, this is rather relaxing
Falling asleep …
Are you still there?
Just wanted to be sure you’re still there.

May’s comment: CMF stands for Complex Magnetic Fields. It uses packages of magnetic wave intensity of the gravity of the earth. They do not transmit any energy or heat that can be damaging to DNA and do not have side effects. The process is to help shorten the regenerative process of bone, muscle, nerve and tissue by a third of the normal Physio regeneration.

As it is non-invasive, we thought to give it a try. And George was incredible! They did two sessions on him – one for 23 mins and another for 27mins – and he sat quietly and patiently. He has always liked attention and being touched so he was loving it.

George has started to put his leg down when standing and he doesn’t seem to feel vulnerable any more like he did the first two days. He knows his limitations.


  1. Dragana Babic

    I can assure George that his recovery will be ,as promised very speed.I broke my foot in November.After a month of CMF tretmante I ‘m back to my Heartcore classes .What else to say expect thank you ELLLA DI ROCCO and Anna for kindness and help.I was told by my consultant in C&Wesminster Hospital tjhat it will take six months for my foot to recover.

  2. Cheryl

    Wow, I’ll be following George’s progress! Maybe if we get to London this summer, I should schedule a few visits! It sounds almost to good to be true!

  3. Jill Keiser

    Those are two positive reports! Maybe George will be walking normally fairly soon!

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