Some day, maybe …

George and I will meet Lucky and Polo instead of Impostor.

A far-fetched idea, maybe. It would be quite a task to get us over to Koh Samui – an island too far.

Maybe they may move to England – some day.Of course that’s when Little Tyke and Mini Tyke will move back to London – some day, maybe.  But not any time soon … there will be many more sunsets before then. Learning and growing …In a place far, far away from us.

But it’s time for Mummy to say goodbye to Little Tyke (soon to be renamed) and Mini Tyke, and Lucky and Polo –They were saying goodbye to Mum because she’s coming home to our world.

And she hopes some day that George and I will be in this group photo too …

May’s comment: It’s been a lovely visit. To see Sasha and Skye growing with their dogs.

They still ask about Darcy and George. :). And I hope they will always be asking after them … for a long, long time yet.

The traditional send-off, this time Skye came along.Note: security signing – NO PHOTOS!!! LOL!

Happy to see this charity box for Soi Dog!  Happy to see a lot of Thai Baht in the box!

Good bye Samui. At all times of the day, the view was a masterpiece.

At dawnAt mid-dayAt duskfor a while, well, at least for four months. Lucky and Polo are going away for four months


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