Some “me-n-Mummy” time

Darcy’s still away and Jaffa’s gone to the country. So yesterday was “me-n-Mummy” time.

The day started off with Olivia taking Jaffa and I for a walk. That was so much fun running with Jaffa and the other doggies – and we came back a real mess because it’s been raining on and off all day yesterday and last night – so the parks were very wet.

I was knackered and rested while Mummy was slaving away at the computer. IMG_3383She’s always busy at the computer – or on the phone.  Tap, tap, tap she would be at it all day.  Only when she goes to the kitchen or bathroom that I would get up and follow her.IMG_4752Then as quickly as she got up, she’s back at her desk. After what seemed like eternity, I got bored so I asked to sit on her lap. I wanted to see what went on up there on her desk that kept her so amused and occupied.  Even then with me on her lap, she kept on tapping so I tried to stop her. Then instead of typing, she showed me  photos of Darcy having fun with Stanley. Well, that didn’t make me feel any better.  Looked like she was having a ball. And I was missing Jaffa. 🙁IMG_5152Finally, she told me we were going out – we had to deliver Maggie’s new coat. IMG_5170I’ve never met Maggie before but she’s a very sweet 20 month old cocker spaniel. We played very well together.  I think her mummy said we could play together again.

By the time we left Maggie’s, it was already dark outside. Along the way home, we found ourselves walking on pavements covered with fallen leaves. It’s been a rainy Autumn day and the trees must have been losing their leaves all day and the street sweepers haven’t been able to clear them yet.IMG_5160We were going to take the bus back from South Kensington when Mummy caught sight of Snowflake and thought we deserved a treat.  I’ve never been there but Darcy has.  It’s a gelato place and very dog-welcoming.
IMG_5167Would you like some?” asked Mummy IMG_5169Er, what do you think, Mummy dearest?IMG_5171Ah, that’s deliciously cooling.
IMG_5176 It’s a neck exercise when licking gelato off a spoon. The head has to go right IMG_5174 And then left and right again to lick all the angles in case I miss any bit of it.IMG_5175And can’t blame me for putting on more grams if Mummy is feeding me gelato! 🙂

May’s comment: Loving my time with George.

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Good to see you looking so well at last and enjoying some Georgie time too. X

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