Some things don’t make sense

From The Acorn Inn, we took a walk to the end of the village where we went past the Village CommonsIMG_9741 And we kept walking along a path that was close to vehicles, so we could walk off lead. Well, I did.IMG_9772Till we arrived at the gates of the Ilchester EstateIMG_9743It looked very private, surely we can’t go in there.  But we were told we could and alas, clever Mummy saw an opening on the side where we could climb over. IMG_9744When we went up the steps, Georgie said, “Look Dee, look at all those fields and fields of green. Oh me, oh my!!! Are we in for a treat!”

There was one main road that kept going …IMG_9747and we walked through enormous fields of green, but we were not allowed off lead.  We did see other dogs that were off lead in the distance but Mummy wasn’t sure because there were deer in the park and we’ve been known to chase them.IMG_9766And just when we thought it was safe, we heard clip-cloppingIMG_9749Horses as wellIMG_9750 We waited till they went past before we walked any furtherIMG_9757And we kept on the paved road, walking and walking till we finally could see what the people at the Inn told us to go have a look. It’s the Melbury House.IMG_9758We saw the owners of the house saying goodbye to the people leaving in the car. And when the car drove past, Mummy recognised the driver! IMG_9759 So now what? We’ve come all this way and we can’t go in?IMG_9762 We trekked all the way back to the big gates and by then the clouds were just coming in. That red sunrise was indeed predicting the weather for the rest of day.IMG_9746Once back on the road where no vehicular access was allowed, only then was I let off lead. So I walked ahead and looked back – what do I do now?
IMG_9767 So I ran back to Mummy and GeorgieIMG_9768And then dashed off againIMG_9770 And charged back – IMG_9771And so I did this running back and forth. IMG_9769It doesn’t make sense. When there were fields galore for us to run, we were on the lead.  When we were out of the park and on this road, I was allowed off lead to run.  And we walked all the way to the house and we couldn’t go in.  Hoomans do not make sense sometimes.

May’s comment:  A short walk from the Acorn Inn, Melbury House near Evershot, Dorset has been the seat of the Strangways family of Dorset since 1500. It sits in the heart of the Ilchseter Estate – a 15,000 acre deer park.

I don’t know from where the dogs were allowed off lead but I wasn’t taking any chances with my two monkeys. Darcy off lead on her own would be fine but the minute the two of them run together, they egg each other on and they would race like wild hares.  That would have been disastrous. They would have gone after the deer. They had acres to run!!! Wild animals!


  1. Jill Keiser

    So you had such an adventure, on and off lead Ilchester Estate — such pretty grounds! To bad the three of you couldn’t go in the Melbury House. It looked so beautiful! Hope the weather didn’t get too bad before you made it back to your inn. Tell Mum I accidentally deleted her e to me.

  2. Neyra

    Thank you for sharing, May. What a beautiful place.

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