Sometimes we’re four

Mummy said, when you have three, what’s another? LOL!

Well, it does get crowded on the bed, for one.IMG_8686Yes, it was Jaffa coming over for a playdate –IMG_8669Sweet little Jaffa who orphaned nine little ducklings.  She didn’t kill the duck, she just frightened it away from all her eggs.

When Mummy decided to watch a movie in the afternoon – on the bed, even George was wondering what happened to his spaceIMG_8679 How cosy! IMG_8682 I stayed away from the crowdIMG_8687 Look at Jaffa and Charlie snuggling upIMG_8688 Yup, it’s Charlie, me and Jaffa – Team ApricotIMG_8690There were just enough beds for all of us when Mummy is sitting at her deskIMG_8663 IMG_8662And then when it was time for Jaffa to go home, the excitable barking escalates!  And fights broke out because everyone wanted Camilla’s attention.IMG_8697When are we two again?

May’s comment: Rather enjoying the cuddles! 🙂IMG_8682

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  1. Agnes

    Oh my goodness, how lucky are you! Four furry bundles of joy all cuddled up in bed.

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